QuickTech Professional, Ultra-X's professional-level PC diagnostic software program, is designed to meet the rigorous testing needs of system developers and integrators, OEM's, technicians, MIS professionals, and end users who want to quickly and accurately test, troubleshoot and Burn-In system components, functions and peripherals.

Utilizing direct native computer assembly commands, QuickTech PRO performs low-level testing in a completely Operating System independent environment. No DOS or DOS derivative, Linux or Windows OS to interfere – providing the most accurate test results.

QuickTech PRO places systems through the most vigorous diagnostics available, performing complete testing on: Motherboard, Processor(s), Memory, Storage Drives, Video Graphics Card, Peripherals and I/O Devices. QuickTech Pro assures the quality and reliability of your newly built, serviced or upgraded PCs, components and subassemblies.

Core-level diagnostics, complete peripheral testing, Burn-In/Aging and system inventory capabilities make QuickTech PRO the best, precise and sole diagnostic software solution for OEM and service professionals.

QuickTech Pro comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions whether you’re testing new or old - Desktops, Laptops, or Server PC’s.

Utilizes direct hardware access commands to perform true and accurate low-level diagnostics without the need of MS-DOS, FREE-DOS, Windows, Linux, etc.. Eliminates any interference from Operating Systems, drivers, and TSRs and quickly isolates hardware issues from software issues.

Perform automatic & unattended comprehensive Burn-In / Ageing of a system. Components are exercised prior to being placed in service accurately detecting components that fail as a result of infant mortality. Provides confidence in shipped units to maintain your high quality reputation.

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Looking for more Flexibility, Additional Test Functions, Deployment Options or Customization?

Designed for Manufacturers & System Builders of ANY size:
* Automated - Unattended Burn-In
* Tailored Report Logs (CSB, XML, etc)
* Advanced Deployment Options

Designed for PC Refurbishers and Recyclers of ANY size:
* All-in-One Solution: Profile, Assess, Sanitize
* Tailored Report Logs (CSB, XML, etc)
* Automated Deployment Options

Designed for Service & Repair Depots, Retail Shops & Technicians of Any Size:
* Branded & Professional Reporting
* Optimized assessment

Designed for Manufacturers & System Builders of ANY size:
* All-in-One Solution: Profile, Assess, Sanitize
* Tailored Report Logs (CSB, XML, etc)
* Automated Deployment Options

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