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Advanced Computer Diagnostics for the Professional
The Advanced Professional Kit is Ultra-X's top of line testing package. Combining the most comprehensive set of hardware and software test tools available, the Advanced Professional Kit is designed to meet the demanding needs of the Professional Technician. This kit is designed for Computer stores, IT and Network professionals, Government and military installations, and educational institutions. The Advanced Professional Kit comes complete with: The P.H.D. PCI-2 hardware test card, the P.H.D. MiniPCI Hardware test card, the QuickTech Professional software diagnostic utility, and the WinStress Test comprehensive Windows-based utility.

The new and improved P.H.D. PCI2 is the 2nd generation P.H.D. card. Unlike simple POST cards, P.H.D. PCI2 performs a series of active diagnostics to detect most system failures. P.H.D. PCI2's design incorporates on-board Flash firmware, memory, and video port, enabling the card to test seemingly "dead" motherboards. The card is capable of running complete diagnostics on a PCI compliant system even if memory , keyboard and video adapters are absent or dead.

P.H.D. MiniPCI allows you to perform component/circuit level diagnostics on a system and view testing progress and results on the system's monitor. Once installed into a MiniPCI slot, P.H.D. MiniPCI will perform a series test of diagnostics targeting the proper functionality of the PCI Bus. The comprehensive motherboard testing of the P.H.D. MiniPCI card combined with outstanding peripheral testing make P.H.D. MiniPCI the single best tool for portable PC's on the market today.

QuickTech Professional (QTP), Ultra-X's professional-level software diagnostic suite, is perfect for professionals who want to quickly test and troubleshoot core system components, functions and peripherals. With over 300 tests to scope out the most evasive system errors. QTP comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions on virtually any type of computer. QuickTech Professional is easy to use, yet so powerful, it will replace all other software you presently use.

Windows Stress Test (WST), is a comprehensive Windows-based utility designed to pinpoint critical issues in your computer that may prevent optimal performance and instability. WinStress Test is also the perfect solution for PC inventory information.

For a complete list of features on the Advanced Professional Diagnostic Kit, click here.