31st March 2016

Customer Spotlight: SPARK Services

Testimonials by Billy W.

We attended CES 2016 this year and out of the thousands of booths we visited we found the Ultra-X booth to be exactly what we were looking for. I am the owner of a small 10-person computer repair shop located in Muskogee, OK and we were looking to “standardize” the way we evaluate and repair customer’s computers. Ultra-X was exactly what we were looking for. I met Mr. Larry Ponciano at the CES booth and he gave me an introduction to his product. We are particularly interested in the PXE boot appliance as this allowed us to diagnose up to ten computers at the same time. We also really like being able to image the computer right from the PXE screen too. It did not take me very long to make up my mind this was the product for me. We wrapped things up right there on site at CES and a week or so later all my goodies I purchased arrived at our shop. We dove right in and quickly have found this to be the absolute best tool in our tech repair arsenal!

Robert Allen, CEO-Owner SPARK Services, LLC
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