6th September 2016

Servicing Computers Just Got Better! 👍 👍

Update by Tech s.

We've been full steam ahead adding new features to QuickCAST that make the solution faster and more useful to you. The updates are free to current subscribers and available upon request using the button below.

  • New default boot menu options for TFTP & HTTP deployment options (Windows Installation, Disk Backup / Cloning, UAV Malware Scanner, Windows Defender Offline, etc.)
  • New boot menu option for deployment of Ubuntu Installs
  • Enhanced Windows Installation deployment to support Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10S (32 & 64 bit)

Built-In CloudOne Windows deployment

  • Deploy CloudOne tool kits remotely from browser. Ideal for in-store walk-ins!

More Details than ever before with native XML Reporting!

With QuickTech version 9, we increased the amount of information we provide so you can see everything you need in one report. The revamped report now shows items such as memory slots, smart tables for hdds - on top of the information you already rely on.

  • New XML output with enhanced system information.
  • Displays available memory slots and occupied banks.
  • Provides complete PCI Device identification listing.
  • Includes a SMART table for each storage drive.

Enhanced Processor Support

  • Support for new AMD Ryzen Threadripper
  • Support for latest Intel 8th gen processors (Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake H, S & U & Ice Lake)

  • New batch reporting. Select reports and export as a single XML batch. Ideal for pc refurbishers!
  • New report auto-print function automatically prints professional reports immediately following a completed test session.

Enhanced Chipset Support

  • Support for upcoming Intel Desktop x370 chipsets

Enhanced Storage Drive Testing

  • Support for M.2 SSD high performance SATA Drives

New Storage Drive Erase

  • Create new test scripts that includes a HDD erase function. Ideal for PC Refurbishers!

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