Ultra-X CloudOne

Ultra-X's CloudOne is a cloud first solution that provides cross platform tools for PC, Apple Mac and Android OS device hardware. The CloudOne toolkit includes diagnostics, stress testing, malware scanning, technician dashboard, PC optimizer and more! For systems that fail to boot, a CloudOne toolkit USB can be created and used as a bootable offline diagnostic & malware scanner.

Complete Toolkit for In-Store or Remote Support.

We've integrated all the tools a technician requires to perform a multi-point assessment, diagnose and identify hardware issues, speed up and optimize the PC, scan for virus, spyware, keyloggers and other malicious malware, reclaim disk space and more! Best yet, technicians can run the toolkit locally in shop or remotely from anywhere in the world!

CloudOne Technician Console

Identify, diagnose & resolve various issues in less time than ever before with the CloudOne Technician Console. Easily identify hardware related issues, windows updates, low disk usage, high memory usage, disabled hardware devices, security protection, battery health and more on a single screen. CloudOne Technician Console minimizes the learning curve for new service technicians so they can quickly troubleshoot and fix issues right the first time!
  • Visual System Event Calendar
  • Security Protection Status
  • Battery Health
  • Hard Drive Health and more!

Multiple Opportunities with
Multi-Point Assessment

Most Technicians do not make good sales staff; however, Ultra-X’s Multi-Point Assessment provides the help service technicians require to offer your customers additional upsell services easily. There are so many services that can be offered in ways that appeal precisely to your customer base, maximizing potential sales opportunities. With CloudOne, access to several tools like the Multi-Point Assessment can quickly be run on every system that enters the shop – maximizing sales opportunities.
  • Visual Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Software Assessment
  • Windows 10 Assessment

Automated Service Bot

We've automated the most common maintenance services to provide a single one-click service. Once the service completes, a professional customer-friendly report will be immediately available for review allowing for additional upsell opportunities.
  • Multi-Point Assessment
  • Hardware Scan
  • PC Optimization
  • Malware Scan

Service History Records

Upon application launch, UX CloudOne will automatically detect the system model and serial# and query the CloudOne database and display all available service history records for the computer under test.
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Malware Scan Reports
  • Automated Service Reports

Offline Bootable Diagnostics & Malware Scanner

For systems that fail to boot or have a nasty malware infection that prevents usage of the PC, a CloudOne Toolkit USB can be made (using your own USB flash drive hardware) and used as a bootable diagnostic and malware scanner! CloudOne has you covered no matter if you are using in online or offline mode.

Because your success is our business!

Feature Highlights

Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.

Fully Portable

CloudOne Tools are fully portable. Deploy CloudOne remotely or use locally with the Toolkit USB!

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The biggest surprise about CloudOne is the price. Ultra-X CloudOne respects your wallet as pricing is very affordable - even for smaller service shops.

Hardware Testing with Ease!

We understand service technician turnover is high and you don't have time for hand-holding while training new recruits. CloudOne provides easy-one-click testing from the script menu. Simply choose a test script by symptom, system type or by script name and let CloudOne take care of all the dirty work!

Visual System Event Calendar

One of the best functions available to help both technician and customer visually identify critical problems, the Windows Event Calendar provides a single yearly view highlighting events in red or yellow depending on level of significance.

Complete Android Testing & Malware Scanning

The Android toolkit consists of a single APK that you can download and install directly to the phone, tablet or other Android hardware device.

Works with ANY x86 PC Platform

Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Servers - No Problem!

Compare CloudOne Solutions

View the table below to ensure you have selected the best product for your needs.
Technician Console
Multi-Point Assessment
Automated Service Bot
Hardware Diagnostics
PC Optimization
Disk Analyzer
Virus & Malware Scanner
Offline Bootable USB Creator
Reseller Discount for End User
Security Protection
Cloudbased Updates
Cloudbased Test Reports
Advanced Stress Testing
Advanced Bootable Diagnostics
Remote Diagnostics
QuickCAST Server (Starter Kit)
Network Deployment


Unlimited usage for duration of term. Complete Toolkit for Android & Windows devices.



All CloudOne Basic features + Advanced Bootable Diagnostic hardware for PC and Apple Mac



All CloudOne Plus features + On-Premise Network Deployment for Apple Mac and PC

5 Deployment License
(Apple Mac or PC)

Watch CloudOne in Action!

Select from available videos below to watch CloudOne in action.
CloudOne v2 Toolkit
Video providing a brief tour of CloudOne v2 Toolkit
CloudOne Remote PC Diagnostic
Video demonstrating Remote PC Diagnostic


Have questions? Check below for the most commonly asked questions or contact UX.
Does CloudOne replace QuickTech Self Boot?
No, CloudOne complements QuickTech Self Boot by adding additional tools to your service toolkit. A complete toolkit would be in the form of CloudOne Plus which combines CloudOne toolset with QuickTech Self Boot advanced bootable hardware.
What does CloudOne provide that QuickTech Self Boot does not?
CloudOne provides a cloud-first approach; This means all tools provided under the CloudOne platform require internet access to:
  • Obtain latest product updates
  • Download and use tools available both locally and remotely.
  • View diagnostic and malware scan reports

  • CloudOne consists of the following tools:

  • Technician Console
  • System event Calendar
  • Hardware Diagnostic powered by QuickTech Windows
  • PC Optimizer
  • Malware Scanner powered by UAV
  • Disk Analyzer
  • Multi-Point Assessment / Customer Scan
  • Automated Service Bot
  • Advanced Stress Testing powered by Winstress Test PRO
  • MSP - Managed Customer Module
  • Android CloudOne Toolkit APK
  • What do I do if I have a PC or Apple Mac that fails to boot into the OS?
    CloudOne provides the option to create a bootable USB using your own USB hardware. The bootable CloudOne Toolkit provides diagnostics and malware scan capabilities to help you identify issues and get back up and running.
    Where can I purchase CloudOne?
    Ultra-X CloudOne may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally. EU residents may purchase from the UX EU online store.
    How many instances of CloudOne can I run concurrently?
    The CloudOne subscription provides an “All-you-can-eat” license during the service term which means you can make and use as many USB’s as you need concurrently.


    Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Ultra-X diagnostics.
    "QuickTech Self Boot enhances Corvalent's QA process to ensure consistent high quality & reliability standards our customers expect."
    "Congratulations on a fine product! QuickTech is a valuable tool aiding us in the diagnosis and repair of the very computers that groundbreaking research is being conducted on."
    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    "QuickTech Self Boot is the ideal all-purpose hardware burn-in / diagnostic utility that will help rule out hardware problems before moving on and tackling possible software problems."
    PC Upgrade
    "This one could server as a model for all PC Diagnostic tools - Fast, small, OS-independent, easy to run and quick to provide accurate and useful output."
    Maximum PC Magazine
    "All in all, QuickTech is Deep, complete, and accurate. It's one of the few diagnostic tools in this roundup to properly identify Level 1 cache size, keyboard controller, videocard and motherboard makers, BIOS version, CPU socket type, a ton of details about the CPU(even voltage), what UltraDMA and PIO model your drive supports, and other types of far more specialized information."
    Maximum PC Magazine
    "QuickTech exercises components on the system that typically are not included by running something like Prime95 or video tests routines. Yes, there are freeware test utilities around, such as Prime95, but for the level of detail and depth of testing outside of the OS, UXD's Quick Tech is hard to beat."
    "The QuickTech USB Tester is another quality diagnostic product from Ultra-X. Many software products attempt to do hardware testing, but only so much can be done without a hardware load to talk to and to verify and measure the signals of interest. The combination of both test hardware and software makes this product capable of doing a very comprehensive range of testing."
    Real World Technologies
    "Quicktech Self Boot and QuickCast Server have provided my repair shop with the ability to test multiple machines thoroughly and quickly with diagnostics that are reliable. I cannot find any competition that compare with these diagnostics products"
    Multop's Computer Consulting