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hard drive testing
hard drive testing
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Solutions for Corporate IT
Ultra-X provides a one-stop shop for all your hardware problems. Since most MIS and network administrators are dealing with:
  • Setting up new users.
  • Performing software and hardware upgrades.
  • Maintaining and managing the network.
Hardware defects become cumbersome and very time occupying. Most MIS and network administrators concentrate more on software than hardware. Having the right tools will make your job much easier. The proper tools will:
  • Detect all of the system hardware failures.
  • Pinpoint failures to specific hardware device.
  • Allow retesting of repaired or replaced devices to make certain that the error defect has been eliminated.
Thus, leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on software and network issues. The proper tools are also perfect for determining if the problem exists in hardware or software. The benefits of utilizing the right troubleshooting tools are:
  • Quickly determine if the problem is hardware or software related
  • Quickly determine the exact cause of the failure so the system can be repaired and returned to its user.
  • Quick and easy to use so you don't have to spend hours learning how to use them.

Give our sales representatives a call and let them show you how Ultra-X tools can save you time by eliminating the guesswork.

Recommended Solutions:
Advanced Professional Kit
The Advanced Professional Kit is our complete diagnostic kit that includes everything you need to fully diagnose, troubleshoot, validate, repair, and maintain pc computers.The Kit includes: the PHD PCI hardware card, Hummer I.P. ISA companion, QuickTech USB port and hub tester, and QuickTech Pro software.
R.S.T. Professional2 PCI -
Memory Testing / Validation Diagnostic Card
P.H.D. PCI -
Comprehensive Hardware Diagnostic Card
QuickTech Professional- Software Diagnostics Utility
QuickTech USB- Port & Hub Tester

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