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AWARD- 4-5x PnP
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DELL Post Codes:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Code Meaning
01 CPU register test in progress
02 CMOS read/write test failed
03 BIOS ROM checksum bad
04 8254 programmable interrupt controller failed
05 DMA controller initialization failed
06 DMA page-register test failed
08 RAM refresh verification failed
09 Starting first-64K RAM test
0A First-64KB RAM IC or data line bad
0B First-64KB RAM odd/even logic bad
0C First-64KB address line bad
0D First-64KB parity error
10 Bit 0 bad in first 64KB
11 Bit 1 bad in first 64KB
12 Bit 2 bad in first 64KB
13 Bit 3 bad in first 64KB
14 Bit 4 bad in first 64KB
15 Bit 5 bad in first 64KB
16 Bit 6 bad in first 64KB
17 Bit 7 bad in first 64KB
18 Bit 8 bad in first 64KB
19 Bit 9 bad in first 64KB
1A Bit 10 bad in first 64KB
1B Bit 11 bad in first 64KB
1C Bit 12 bad in first 64KB
1D Bit 13 bad in first 64KB
1E Bit 14 bad in first 64KB
1F Bit 15 bad in first 64KB
20 Slave DMA register bad
21 Master DMA register bad
22 Master interrupt-mask register bad
23 Slave interrupt-mask register bad
25 Loading interrupt vectors
27 Keyboard-controller test failed
28 CMOS RAM battery bad
29 CMOS configuration validation in progress
2B Video-memory test failed
2C Video initialization failure
2D Video-retrace failure
2E Searching for a video ROM
30 Switching to video ROM
31 Monochrome operation OK
32 Color (CGA) operation OK
33 Color operation OK
34 Timer-tick interrupt in progress (or bad)
35 CMOS shutdown test in progress (or bad)
36 Gate A20 bad
37 Unexpected interrupt in protected mode
38 RAM test in progress or high address line is bad
3A Interval timer channel 2 bad
3B Time-of-day test bad
3C Serial-port test bad
3D Parallel -port test bad
3E Math co-processor test bad
3F Cache-memory test bad
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