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Solutions for Memory Manufacturing Facilities

R.S.T. Pro2 PCI Hardware Card-
R.S.T. Pro2 is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of desktop & server memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals. Powerful new features and advanced functionality make R.S.T. Pro2 the most comprehensive memory validation tool of its kind. R.S.T. Pro2 is the tool of choice for numerous industry professionals who want to quickly and accurately test and validate memory in all Desktop, Workstation and Server PC’s incorporating an Intel or AMD x86 compatible 32/64-bit single/multi-core processor.

R.S.T. Pro2 performs the most comprehensive tests available for both Base and Extended Memory (up to 64 gigabytes). Utilizing over 100+ different test patterns, both standard and proprietary algorithms, R.S.T. Pro2 provides a graphic display to pinpoint the exact location of memory failures. R.S.T. Pro2 supports the latest SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR-266/333/366//400/466/500, DDR2-533/667, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, FB-DIMM, Parity and Non-Parity) memory technologies.
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R.S.T. Pro MiniPCI Hardware Card-
.S.T. Pro mini-PCI is a memory testing hardware/firmware solution designed for the rigorous testing needs of mobile pc memory and system manufacturers, design engineers, and service professionals. RST Pro miniPCI is a Self Booting, Operating System Independent memory diagnostic card for exercising and validating RAM in Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and other portable systems that contain a miniPCI bus slot. R.S.T. Pro mini-PCI supports Pentium through the latest series of Intel Pentium 4-Mobile, AMD Athlon Mobile 64/XP, Transmeta Crusoe and other compatible processors.
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Customized versions also available. Contact Ultra-X for more information.

Save Money By automating the testing process, less manual intervention is required. In most cases, one central system will control all testing and report gathering hence reducing your labor costs
Improve Testing RSTPRO2 encompasses all testing, reporting and SPD monitoring in one simple package. You don't need to run numerous applications to get the results you require
Cost Effective You pay one price to license the hardware for the whole operation. You will not pay per system tested resulting in reduced overall cost of implementation RSTPRO2 in your organization.

Ram Stress Test Pro2's Advantages:
SBT Using exclusive Self-Boot Technology, the firmware can run in stand alone systems without the need for any operating system. This makes the product ideal for testing systems before installing any software.
Result Reports All test results are saved in ASCII text formats or can sent through its onboard serial port to a remote computer. The results can be stored into your desired database format. Once the results are stored, it is easy for you to go back and review them.
Quarterly Updates - As part of your licensing agreement, you will receive free quarterly software updates. This keeps the software up-to-date and makes sure the software is keeping up with the latest equipment on the market.
Improve Customer Satisfaction – We want to improve your factory testing requirements by offering the most complete and accurate hardware/software available. By using RSTPRO2, you will deliver a quality-certified system to your customers therefore improving your customers' satisfaction.

USA Sales- 1-888-722-3734 | International Sales- 1-408-261-7090