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Memory Testing Tools from Ultra-X identify memory defects that may have passed traditional manufacturing memory tests, but can still fail or cause compatibility issues. A major advantage of RAM Stress Test (RST) products compared to stand alone testers, are the capabilities of testing and validating Memory ram within the system, testing for behavioral failures, Ultra-X's R.S.T. PRO memory testing tools support the latest DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and FBDIMM, ECC, Parity, RDRAM, and RAMbus Memory Module Technologies.

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"All our tests used the RST Pro card “Stress Test” to heavily exercise the memory. Our standard stability test includes the RST Pro2 “Burn-in”.

“We use the RST Pro card extensively in our production testing because it’s one of the best tools available for stress testing memory.”

“Centon’s QA department provides an extensive Failure Analysis on any failed or problematic modules. R.S.T. PRO2 is utilized in our failure analysis to ensure that Centon’s memory products conform to the customer’s specified requirements.”

R.S.T. PRO Series products are the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tools designed for the rigorous testing needs of PC memory manufacturers. Powerful proprietary features and advanced functionality make R.S.T. PRO Series product the most comprehensive memory validation tools of their kind. R.S.T. PRO Series products are the tools of choice for numerous industry professionals who want to quickly and accurately test and validate memory in all Desktop, Server and Mobile PC’s incorporating an Intel or AMD x86 compatible 32/64-bit single/multi-core processor.

R.S.T. PRO Series products identify memory defects that may have passed every usual manufacturing test, but which can still fail in normal use. A major advantage of R.S.T. PRO Series products compared to stand alone testers are the capabilities of testing and validating RAM within the system environment, testing for Behavioral Failures that are sensitive to system idiosyncrasy. Quickly isolate intermittent failures that do not necessarily prevent a system from booting, but surface during extended testing sessions.

Utilizing over 150 diverse test patterns, both standard and proprietary algorithms, R.S.T. PRO Series products provide a graphic display to pinpoint the exact location of memory failures. R.S.T. PRO Series products supports the latest SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR-266/333/400/466/500, DDR2-533/667/800/1066, DDR3-1066/1333/1600/1800, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, FB-DIMM, Parity and Non-Parity) memory technologies.

R.S.T. PRO Series products are the fastest, most robust, & accurate memory diagnostic and verification tools available on the market today. Whether you design & manufacture memory modules, build or repair systems, R.S.T. PRO Series products tests and validates with the same commitment to quality, compatibility and reliability.