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hard drive testing

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hard drive testing
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P.H.D. PCI Hardware Diagnostic Card-
The P.H.D. PCI will perform a series of diagnostics routines targeting the proper functionality of the PCI Bus. The analysis of the PCI slot begins by accurately measuring the 3.3 volts signal. The analysis continues by testing the PCI header space, PCI Bridge, and burst transaction capability. The P.H.D. PCI will also interrogate all PCI slot assignments. The P.H.D. PCI may also be used to verify that the PCI bus signals meet industry compatibility criteria. All of the PCI testing is possible through the use P.H.D.'s on-board circuitry and diagnostic firmware.

QuickTech Professional Software-
QuickTech Pro will put your system through the most vigorous diagnostics availible. It includes the following: 57 motherboard tests, 28 harddrive tests, 9 floppy drive tests, 15 CD-ROM, DVD, CDRW, ARMD (Zip and LS120) tests, 20 COM port tests, 25 parallel port tests, 20 modem tests, 21 printer (parallel) tests, 15 video graphics tests, 9 monitor tests, sound card tests, speaker test, mouse tests, an individual test for each keyboard key, 24 unique and propietary algorithm memory tests and much more. That is over 300 tests to scope out the most evasive system errors.

QuickTech USB Port & Hub Tester-
QuickTech USB is a perfect tool to determine the proper operation of the USB ports and the compatibility of the ports with most USB peripherals. QuickTech USB is fully automated. Simply attach the USB module and boot the diagnostic software.

QuickPOST PCI Series Hardware Card-
The QuickPost PCI Series features a new generation of POST cards for 2002; QuickPOST PCI 3.3, QuickPOST PCI Serial, and QuickPOST PCI I2C. Eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems that fail to boot.

Save Money By automating the testing process, less manual intervention is required. In most cases, one central system will control all testing and report gathering hence reducing your labor costs
Improve Testing QuickTech encompasses all testing, reporting and inventory monitoring in one simple package. You don't need to run numerous applications to get the results you require
Cost Effective You pay one price to license the software for the whole operation. You will not pay per system tested resulting in reduced overall cost of implementation QuickTech in your organization.

QuickTech's Advantages:
SBT Using QuickTech's exclusive Self-Boot Technology, the software can be run in stand alone systems without the need for any operating system. This makes the product ideal for testing systems before installing any software.
O/S Mode You may run QuickTech Pro under a DOS prompt. This allows the product to run in a network environment. This allows the product to be launched and monitored from a central location. Using the central location, the test scripts can be edited and test results can be formatted to fit your organization's requirements.
Result Reports All test and inventory results are saved in ASCII text formats. The results can be stored into your desired database format. Once the results are stored, it is easy for you to go back and review them.
Quarterly Updates - As part of your licensing agreement, you will receive free quarterly software updates. This keeps the software up-to-date and makes sure the software is keeping up with the latest equipment on the market.
Improve Customer Satisfaction – We want to improve your factory testing requirements by offering the most complete and accurate software available. By using QuickTech Pro, you will deliver a quality-certified system to your customers therefore improving your customers' satisfaction.