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Monday September 24, 2018

RAM Stress Test Pro2- Overview
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Ultra-X newest hardware test device, PC Inspector, tests system hardware, generates system inventory reports, monitors power supply voltages, measures system temperature, CMOS configuration and provides remote logging using on-board serial port.

PC Inspector is unique for it contains many features not found in other hardware diagnostic cards. PC Inspector runs diagnostics on your complete system. Simply install the PC Inspector in any PCI 5 or 3.3 volt slot and power-up the system. Utilizing on-board FLASH firmware, the card will take over the system after it has completed POST, automatically performing complete system diagnostics. The diagnostics can be run on each component individually or set to run in an unattended burn-in mode. In burn-in mode, select a preexisting script or create your own. PC Inspector can also be used to acquire detailed system information and generate an inventory report.

In addition to the firmware, system power supply voltages can be monitored using on-board LEDs. Voltages are measured within 2% fluctuations. The power supply voltage reading can also be monitored remotely using the on-board serial port. The serial port will output data that can be monitored remotely using HyperTerminal or similar utility.

PC Inspector is also equipped with two optional temperature sensing probes. These probes can be placed anywhere on the system. These probes have a 12 inch reach, ideal for probing temperature at specific points on the system board. The temperature is measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales simultaneously. Temperature results are output to a serial port, generating a real time reading.

Finally, PC Inspector has an on-board CMOS data chip. The data chip is equipped with a battery which has a 10-year life span. The CMOS data chip provides the user a complete CMOS utility. This chip has numerous CMOS functions. It has the ability to copy CMOS settings from a target PC to the card. Later this data can be written to multiple PC's. It can also be used to compare CMOS settings from a target PC to a test PC.This function can be a time saving tool for rewriting CMOS settings on new builds or comparing CMOS settings on a series of systems.

The above features make PC Inspector a must for any burn-in environment. You can set up CMOS, perform system inventory, and run a complete system diagnostics. With its remote capability, all test results, including temperature and voltage details can be routed to a remote PC.

A Must for ANY Burn-In environment!

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