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Ultra-X, Inc., diagnostic hardware and software diagnostics developer and technology pioneer, offers a wide array of Professional PC diagnostic hardware and software solutions for pc computer manufacturers, pc oem, pc odm, system engineers, computer service technicians, integrators, & computer professionals. Ultra-X is committed to providing the most effective pc diagnostics test tools in the industry and backing each diagnostic hardware & software diagnostic product with uncompromising technical support. We have supported design engineers with testing tools, manufactures with complete burn-in solutions, RMA Departments and PC Technicians with diagnostic products that quickly and accurately diagnose computer problems, even End Users, to assure quality in newly purchased PC computer systems. Furthermore, with new changes in processors, chipsets, Bus structures, and peripherals, you can be assured that Ultra-X will continue to provide solutions for these and other PC industry developments. Ultra-X 's hardware and software diagnostics test tools are available through a network of partners and distributors in more than 10 countries worldwide. Find a distributor near you by contacting us at 408-261-7090 or email us at sales@uxd.com

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QuickPOST PCIe Serial
Newly redesigned based on direct feedback from customers to incorporate even more features than its Rev.10c predecessor. QuickPOST PCIe Serial is the ideal tool for any engineering or R&D department. This test card allows you to monitor POST error codes from dual 7-segment displays while also remotely logging Port 80 & 81 POST error codes, power supply voltages and system temperature via the onboard RS-232 Serial Port.

QuickPOST PCI Serial
QuickPOST PCI Rev.10c is the ideal tool for any engineering or R&D department. This test card allows you to monitor POST codes directly and remotely. QuickPOST Serial monitors PORTs 80 & 81, power supply voltages and system temperature.

Newly redesigned utilizing the latest technology, QuickPOST PCI I2C Rev.2 is the ideal tool for any engineering department. This test card allows you to simutaneously monitor Port 80 & 81 POST codes directly and adds output capability via a on-board I2C Bus. Also capable of monitoring Sleep Mode 3 volt auxiliary, clock and reset. All QuickPOST PCI cards monitor and test Power Supplies for Noise, Surges, and out of tolerance.

QuickPOST PCI 3.3/5v
The QuickPost PCI 3.3/5v uses the latest decoding technology, follows established BIOS standards, and fully supports the complete PCI specifications to greatly reduce or eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems that fail to boot. A must have for any technician, designer, or engineer.

MicroPOST II is a 2.5"' x 2" convenient, easy to use P.O.S.T.(Power On Self Test) monitoring parallel adapter. MicroPOST II may be used to view POST codes on its LCD display generated by the system BIOS in any computer whose P.O.S.T. routine outputs results to the parallel printer port address. Eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems especially for Notebooks.