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Ultra-X, Inc., diagnostic hardware and software diagnostics developer and technology pioneer, offers a wide array of Professional PC diagnostic hardware and software solutions for pc computer manufacturers, pc oem, pc odm, system engineers, computer service technicians, integrators, & computer professionals. Ultra-X is committed to providing the most effective pc diagnostics test tools in the industry and backing each diagnostic hardware & software diagnostic product with uncompromising technical support. We have supported design engineers with testing tools, manufactures with complete burn-in solutions, RMA Departments and PC Technicians with diagnostic products that quickly and accurately diagnose computer problems, even End Users, to assure quality in newly purchased PC computer systems. Furthermore, with new changes in processors, chipsets, Bus structures, and peripherals, you can be assured that Ultra-X will continue to provide solutions for these and other PC industry developments. Ultra-X 's hardware and software diagnostics test tools are available through a network of partners and distributors in more than 10 countries worldwide. Find a distributor near you by contacting us at 408-261-7090 or email us at sales@uxd.com

Ultra-X, Inc.- Professional PC Diagnostic Tools Computer Repair Tools Technician Certified Diagnostic Tools Burn-In Software Windows based Stress Testing Memory / RAM Test

Jan 19th, 2011
Netlist and Ultra-X Enhance High Capacity Memory Testing for Servers in the IT Industry

May 17th, 2006
Ultra-X Launches R.S.T. Pro PCI Express- PCI Express Based Hardware Diagnostic for memory testing and validation

April 19th, 2005
Ultra-X Launches P.H.D. MiniPCI- MiniPCI Based Hardware Diagnostic for Mobile Platforms

November 8th, 2004
Ultra-X Announces New Firmware update for PHD PCI 2

November 8th, 2004
Ultra-X Announces New Version of QuickTech Professional Version 5.41

October 25th, 2004
Ultra-X Launches R.S.T. Pro MiniPCI- Memory diagnostic and validation product for mobile platforms

June 25th, 2004
Defect in Intel's New 915 Pentium 4 Chipset Causes Rush by Motherboard Makers to Recall Boardss

June 25th, 2004
HP Discovers Design Flaw in Third-party Memory Modules Used in Notebook PCs

May 17th, 2004
Ultra-X to Exhibit Newly Released Products at CeBIT 2004 Again Exceeding Your Expectations

May 6th, 2004
Ultra-X© UltraPOST™ Embedded Diagnostics Selected to Provide PC Diagnostics for JVC's New Line of Interlink Sub-Notebooks

May 1st , 2004
Ultra-X Launches Professional Hardware Diagnostic(P.H.D) PCI 2 ™- A New Generation of Component Level Testing

April 23rd , 2004
Ultra-X, Inc. Announces QuickTech USB 2.0- High Speed USB 2.0 Tester ™

March 25th , 2004
Ultra-X, Inc. Announces Newly Redesigned QuickPOST PCI 3.3/5 ™

March 17th, 2004
Ultra-X Annouces New QuickTech Professional Version 5.29™

July 31st , 2003
Ultra-X Launches QuickTech HD Clean™

July 25th , 2003
Ultra-X Annouces New QuickTech Professional Version 5.0™

May 22, 2003
Ultra-X Launches SOHO Diagnostic Kit(SDK)™

November 18, 2002
Ultra-X Launches WinStress™ Windows Based Stress Utility

November 18, 2002
Ultra-X Launches Ram Stress Test Pro2™ RAM Testing and More….

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