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hard drive testing
hard drive testing
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Save Time Troubleshooting- NO MORE SWAPPING

Troubleshooting defective systems can take hours without the right tools and doesn’t guarantee your customer that the problem won’t reoccur. Computer service technicians don't have time for trial and error swapping. QuickTech solves this problem by quickly & accurately isolating hardware from software issues performing complete testing on core components from inside the system in a O/S-Free environment.

Immediate ROI Savings- Reduce Support Costs & Minimize PC Returns
QuickTech assures the quality and reliability of your PCs components and subassemblies during manufacturing. Minimize unnecessary RMA returns due to software and NTF/NDF(No Trouble/Defect Found) issues. Reduces support and warranty costs while improving user satisfaction and confidence.
Quick & Simple Implementation

QuickTech easily implements into any existing Desktop, Mobile PC, POS or High-End Server manufacturing line or service repair department. Simply boot to QuickTech on Diskette, CDROM, USB Drive or Network Image and let QuickTech do the rest.

Up-to-Date Technology
Unlike other test tools, QuickTech is continuously updated staying up-to-date on the latest hardware technology before hitting the market.

Technician Level Diagnostic

Easy to use tests offer the same hardware level analysis that service technicians use to evaluate computer failures and perform routine maintenance on system components.

Operating System and TSR Independent
Self-booting program loads from a floppy drive before the operating system (DOS,WINDOWS 9x/2000,OS/2, Unix, etc...)or any other programs (TSRs Device Drivers) are loaded into memory during boot.
System Configuration Information

On screen details about a systems configuration including CPU, math co-processor, video, parallel, and serial ports, floppy drive and hard drive specifications, and much more...

Performs a memory data and address test on the systems Real-Time Clock/CMOS RAM; plus tests all CMOS functions and Interrupt generation.
Base and Extended RAM Tests

Tests base RAM up to 640kb and extended RAM from one megabyte to two gigabytes using up to 9 multiple pattern testing algorithms.

External Cache RAM Tests
Performs cache detection , sizing and a low-level memory data and address test on the systems external cache.
Hard Drive Tests

Provides a series of non-destructive tests including controller,seek, and read tests to check a drive's overall condition. All IDE drive types are tested.

Floppy Drive Tests
Provides a series of tests to verify a system's floppy drives are functioning properly including read and write tests and rotation speed test.

Complete testing and benchmarking of EIDE CD-ROMs. Direct testing without the need for drivers etc.

Video Tests
Tests various color and alignment attributes of a SVGA /EGA video card, color monitor, plus tests graphics and text modes supported by a VESA-compliant video card.
Parallel and Serial Port Test

Performs internal and external loop-back tests on active LPT and COM ports.

Printer Test
Tests one or more printers connected to the system under test at the active LPT ports.
I/O Port Monitor