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QuickTech Personal is a powerful diagnostic product that allows users to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC’s major components including: Base and Extended RAM, External Cache RAM, Hard, ATAPI Devices and Floppy Drives.

QuickTech is a powerful diagnostic product that allows users to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC’s major components including: Base and Extended RAM, External Cache RAM, Hard, EIDE CD ROMs and Floppy Drives, Video Card and Monitor, Serial and Parallel ports (with loop backs), Keyboard, and even the system’s printer.

One of QuickTech's many advantages is that it’s self-booting. You simply insert the QuickTech diskette and turn on the computer. The program loads itself before any operating system (e.g., DOS, OS/2, 95, 98 etc.) is loaded. Thus, QuickTech’s tests are conducted without the interference of an operating system or any other programs (TSRs) that may be loaded into memory during the boot sequence (such as expanded/extended memory device drives, network drivers, various operating system commands, etc.).

A new feature allows the program to run in automatic burn-in mode. In this mode, the user selects the tests to run and the duration (either number of hours or loops). This information may be saved as a script which can be executed at a later time without a keystroke. On power up, if a script is available, the program will automatically run the script without user input.

Improved features include, all new memory test algorithms that allow for data to be written to memory in multiple patterns. This feature is extremely effective at detecting memory failures that cause Windows to generate GPF's. Also extensive testing for CPU, NPU, System Controllers, Video Adapter and EIDE CD ROM (CD ROM test does not require a device driver).

QuickTech offers users the capability of running professional level diagnostic utility from easy to use drop down menus. Each of QuickTech’s tests is designed to perform the highest level of diagnostic tests available.

QuickTech is designed to test all functional areas of any IBM-compatible PC equipped with 386, through Pentium III/AMD K7's/Cyrix and MMX Technology.

Product Features:

  • Technician Level Diagnostics - Easy to use tests offer the same hardware level analysis that service technicians use to evaluate computer failures and perform routine maintenance on system components.
  • Operating System and TSR Independent - Self-booting program loads from a floppy drive before the operating system (DOS,WINDOWS 95/3.1, NT, NOVELL OS/2, UNIX etc...)or any other programs (TSRs Device Drivers) are loaded into memory during boot.
  • System Configuration Information - On screen details about a systems configuration including CPU, math coprocessor, video, parallel, and serial ports, floppy drive and hard drive specifications, and much more...
  • RTC/CMOS RAM Tests - Performs a memory data and address test on the systems Real-Time Clock/CMOS RAM; plus tests all CMOS functions and Interrupt generation.
  • Base and Extended RAM Tests - Tests base RAM up to 640kb and extended RAM from one megabyte to one gigabyte using up to 16 multiple pattern testing algorithms.
  • External Cache RAM Tests - Performs cache detection , sizing and a low-level memory data and address test on the systems external cache.
  • Hard Drive Tests - Provides a series of non-destructive tests including controller,seek, and read tests to check a drive's overall condition. All drive types are tested including MFM, RLL, IDE and SCSI drives.
  • Floppy Drive Tests - Provides a series of tests to verify a system's floppy drives are functioning properly including read and write tests, rotation speed test, and a floppy drive head cleaning function.
  • CD-ROMs - Complete testing and benchmarking of EIDE CD-ROMs. Direct testing without the need for drivers etc.
  • Video Tests - Tests various color and alignment attributes of a SVGA /EGA video card, color monitor, plus tests graphics and text modes supported by a VESA-compliant video card.
  • Parallel and Serial Port Tests - Performs internal and external loop-back tests on active LPT and COM ports.
  • Printer Test - Tests one or more printers connected to the system under test at the active LPT ports.
  • I/O Port Monitor - Byte-level display utility that provides quick address identification for all active ports. Helps troubleshoot address conflicts and locate unused addresses when installing option cards.

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