Hard Disk Drive Clean Erase Utility
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May 29, 2020
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QuickTech Hard Drive Clean is the ultimate Hard Drive data erase tool. Typical formatting a Hard Disk drive DOES NOT remove or erase your private data! When you format a disk drive, partition a hard drive, or even delete a file, your data still remains on the drive. There are many hard drive recovery tools on the market that can recover your data. QuickTech Hard Drive Clean eliminates this opportunity to recover data by securely erasing ALL of your data, giving you assurance that your data is gone for good.

QuickTech Hard Drive Clean is the perfect tool for those who refurbish or recycle hard drives before selling or donating a computer. Before you dispose, sell, donate, or recycle a hard drive, ensure that your data is completely removed!

One of QuickTech Hard Drive Clean's many advantages is that it is self-booting. To run the software, simply insert the QT Hard Drive Clean diskette and turn on the computer. The program loads itself before any operating system (e.g., DOS, WIN 9x/ME/2000/XP etc.) is loaded. Thus, QT Hard Drive Clean's can operate without the interference of an operating system or any other programs (TSRs) that may be loaded into memory during the boot sequence.

The package is designed for quick operation. Once the program is loaded, you may select a disk drive to clean. Once selected you are given four choices to clean your hard disk drive; Quick, Medium, Random, and Full. Quick Clean performs a partial erase of the hard disk drive. This function is ideal if you are simply reloading a fresh copy of an Operating System for your personal use. Medium performs a single full clean using a single pattern such as FF. Random also performs a full single clean but uses a random pattern. Full performs a military approved clean which performs a full clean three time using three different patterns. Once you have completed a clean, you may use the view/verify function to display the disks contents in HEX and ASCII format to verify a clean disk drive.

This feature packed, easy to use software is an ideal tool for any SOHO (Small office/ home office). QT Hard Drive Clean gives you all the power you need to securely and completely erase your private data

The Ideal Hard Drive Erase Tool for any SOHO!

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