Boot and Diagnose multiple systems concurrently with ease!

QuickCAST Mobile

QuickCAST simplifies and automates the Diagnostic Assessment & Burn-In process by removing all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency while ensuring you get the answers you need to fix the issue right, the first time.

Deploy. Diagnose. Return to Customer.

QuickCAST Mobile improves productivity during the manufacturing, assembly, or testing process for all configurations by removing all manual intervention as well as the tricky management of multiple images. QuickCAST ensures that every System Under Test (SUT) on the network, even those with damaged operating systems, new systems with no O/S and unformatted hard disks—can be booted from the network and fully tested.

Deployment time is complete within a matter of seconds allowing for simultaneous deployments (multicasting) to hundreds of machines. This ultimate solution removes all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency translating into immediate ROI.

Several Deployment Images Available

QuickCAST Mobile comes standard with hardware diagnostic test firmware/software. For large/high-volume environments for OEM System Builders or PC Refurbishers, learn more about QuickCAST Server Appliance.

Deployment Ready in 60 Seconds or less!

Implementation is quick and simple as the box requires a single network connection to your existing network infrastructure. For Technicians on the move, deployment easily is achieved within 60 seconds - simply insert power and a network connection directly to the system under test. No installation program, setup or configurations are needed. It's really that simple!

Designed for:
  • PC Service & Repair Shops
  • Low volume PC Refurbishment
  • Mobile PC Technicians
  • Government IT
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate IT departments

Because your success is our business!

How Does it Work?

QuickCAST Mobile is simple to use. Just follow the steps below:

Step #1. Connect QuickCAST Mobile.

Plug in power and Ethernet cables into the QuickCAST unit.

Step #2. Boot the Unit Under Test (UUT)

Prepare your UUT by connecting it to the ethernet that your QuickCAST is connected to. Boot your UUT and select the boot priority to boot to the Network first.

Step #3. Navigate the QC Mobile Deployment Console

Once your UUT has booted to the Deployment Console menu, simply use your UP and Down arrows to navigate which script you wish to run and hit ENTER to launch.


Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.

Quick & Simple Implementation

QuickCAST Mobile easily implements into any size service repair shop. QuickCAST Mobile is a self-contained turnkey diagnostic network deployment solution that you can have fully implemented in less than 5 minutes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The biggest surprise about QuickCAST Mobile is the price. Other automated testing tools expect expensive Server hardware, Server OS software and for that matter, an expensive IT administrator to setup and manage. QuickCAST Mobile respects your wallet as pricing is very affordable - even for small service shops.

Test More & Test Faster with Ease!

QuickCAST Mobile is an easy to use, all-in-one package that allows anyone to start automating tests in minutes with no special technical skills. It has an affordable price, powerful features and impressive support resources. With QuickCAST Mobile, you will be able to test more volume, faster and lower costs at the same time!

Remote Test Monitoring & Test Log Retrieval

With QuickCAST Mobile, a single technician can easily boot several test systems concurrently. Best yet, the same Technician can remotely monitor test status on all systems and test result logs are available to download and print, offering a complete test report for each system.

Rapid Deployment Improves Efficiency & Productivity

Diagnosing systems is a time consuming and tedious process. QuickCAST Mobile significantly reduces the time a technician must spend at each computer. QuickCAST will streamline the troubleshooting or final QA process maximizing productivity and efficiency. A single technician can easily test multiple systems and still have time to sit down for lunch.

Single Deployment Solution for ANY x86 PC Platform*

Whether you build new systems, maintain corporate systems, refurbish or repair customer systems, QuickCAST Mobile is the single solution for any Server, Desktop, Notebook or Embedded PC.
* Requires PXE Network Boot BIOS option.

Compare QuickCAST Solutions

View the table below to ensure you have the correct product for your environment.
System Information
Core Hardware Diagnostic Testing
Flexible Custom Scripting
Custom Branded Test Reports
Database friendly
HDD Erase
Backup / Cloning
Malware Detection
Windows Installation
License Communication
Deployment Method
Max Concurrent Usage

QuickCAST Mobile

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickCAST Mobile license supports up to 3,5 or 10 computers concurrently.
Compatible with PC & Apple Mac with Intel/AMD x86 CPU Platform
3, 5 or 10 concurrent

QuickCAST Appliance

Unlimited usage for duration of term. QuickCAST Server includes a 10 deployment license but can easily be scaled to 16000 test stations.
Compatible with PC & Apple Mac with Intel/AMD x86 CPU Platform
Starting at 10 concurrent. Up to 16000

Watch QuickCAST in Action!

Select from available videos below to watch QuickCAST in action.
QuickCAST Server 2015 - Bad Hard Disk Drive Detection
Video demonstrating the testing of a defective Hard Drive.
QuickCAST Server 2015 - UAV Malware Scanner Deployment
Video demonstrating the deployment of UAV Malware Scanner.
QuickCAST Server 2015 - EFI Diagnostics Demo
Video demonstrating casting to EFI Diagnostics


Have questions? Check below for the most commonly asked questions or contact UX.
What is QuickCAST?
QuickCAST is a Ultra-X, Inc. product family that is based around the deployment of single or multiple images to multiple computers through network infrastructure. The QuickCAST family allows technicians and companies save time by moving your logic flow from individual serial movement to a parallel process of multiple units at once. No more is a single tech required to sit at a single station and wait for tests to finish before moving onto the next, QuickCAST save you money and time by allowing a single technician to deploy and test multiple test stations simultaneously
QuickCAST did not launch when the SUT was booted?
In order for the SUT to launch, you will need to access the BIOS and change the boot order priority so that the network or PXE is selected as the first boot device. Also double check that your SUT and QuickCAST are on the same network and are not obstructed by multiple switches or routers.
What do I do if the QuickCAST gets damaged and stops working?
Ultra-X, Inc. technical support line is always free for those who are having problems with their UXD products. If you find your product no longer works the first step would be to call one of our technical support representatives to find out if they can help you solve your issues with UXD products. If your UXD hardware device is suffering from hardware failure please contact Ultra-X, Inc. at your earliest convenience and an RMA can be issued depending on the problem as assessed by our technicians.
Where can I purchase QuickCAST?
QuickCAST may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally. EU residents may purchase from the UX EU online store.
What is the difference between QuickCAST Mobile & QuickCAST Server?
QuickCAST Mobile provides an easy add in solution for simple networks with smaller quantity of units to test. QuickCAST Server is designed for more advanced integrated networking and deployment on larger scales of infrastructure.


Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Ultra-X diagnostics.

"QuickTech PRO enhances Corvalent's QA process to ensure consistent high quality & reliability standards our customers expect."


"Congratulations on a fine product! QuickTech is a valuable tool aiding us in the diagnosis and repair of the very computers that groundbreaking research is being conducted on."

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"QuickTech PRO is the ideal all-purpose hardware burn-in / diagnostic utility that will help rule out hardware problems before moving on and tackling possible software problems."

PC Upgrade

"This one could server as a model for all PC Diagnostic tools - Fast, small, OS-independent, easy to run and quick to provide accurate and useful output."

Maximum PC Magazine

"All in all, QuickTech is Deep, complete, and accurate. It's one of the few diagnostic tools in this roundup to properly identify Level 1 cache size, keyboard controller, videocard and motherboard makers, BIOS version, CPU socket type, a ton of details about the CPU(even voltage), what UltraDMA and PIO model your drive supports, and other types of far more specialized information."

Maximum PC Magazine

"QuickTech exercises components on the system that typically are not included by running something like Prime95 or video tests routines. Yes, there are freeware test utilities around, such as Prime95, but for the level of detail and depth of testing outside of the OS, UXD's Quick Tech is hard to beat."


"The QuickTech USB Tester is another quality diagnostic product from Ultra-X. Many software products attempt to do hardware testing, but only so much can be done without a hardware load to talk to and to verify and measure the signals of interest. The combination of both test hardware and software makes this product capable of doing a very comprehensive range of testing."

Real World Technologies

"Quicktech Pro and Quicktech DDR have provided my repair shop with the ability to test multiple machines thoroughly and quickly with diagnostics that are reliable. I cannot find any competition that compare with these diagnostics products"

Multop's Computer Consulting