Network bootable PC Diagnostics Tools from Ultra-X, Inc.

QuickCAST Mobile is the first and only network diagnostic deployment hardware designed for small and medium computer repair businesses. QuickCast Mobile allows a single technician to boot and test several computer systems concurrently.

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With QuickCAST Mobile in your company’s hands, servicing any PC Desktop, Laptop, Netbook or Server becomes effortless. QuickCAST simplifies and automates the Diagnostic Assessment & Burn-In process by removing all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency while ensuring you get the answers you need to fix the issue right, the first time.

Boot and Diagnose multiple systems concurrently with ease! QuickCAST Mobile is fully automated allowing a technician to boot and walk-away. A technician can monitor all SUT (Systems Under Test) activity remotely with the browser-based monitoring console.

Come back in selecting from preconfigured scripts designed to identify hardware issues faster. See how this new solution will make your job a whole lot easier, and your computer service business a lot more money.

With QuickCAST Mobile your Diagnostic and Burn-In assessment time is dramatically reduced. Easily diagnose MULTIPLE systems in parallel, selecting from pre-configured test scripts to get the answers you need to fix the issue right, THE FIRST TIME.


QuickCAST family solutions are simple to implement and immediately increases technician productivity by a minimum of 25% over the closest competitor.


  • Deploy. Diagnose. Return to Customer.
    QuickCAST Mobile improves productivity during the manufacturing, assembly, or testing process for all configurations by removing all manual intervention as well as the tricky management of multiple images. QuickCAST ensures that every System Under Test (SUT) on the network, even those with damaged operating systems, new systems with no O/S and unformatted hard disks—can be booted from the network and fully tested.

Deployment time is complete within a matter of seconds allowing for simultaneous deployments (multicasting) to hundreds of machines. This ultimate solution removes all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency translating into immediate ROI.

  • Rapid Deployment Improves Efficiency & Productivity
    Diagnosing systems is a time consuming and tedious process. QuickCAST Mobile significantly reduces the time a technician must spend at each computer. QuickCAST will streamline the troubleshooting or final QA process maximizing productivity and efficiency. A single technician can easily test multiple systems and still have time to sit down for lunch.
  • Single Deployment Solution for ANY x86 PC Platform*
    Whether you build new systems, maintain corporate systems, refurbish or repair customer systems, QuickCAST Mobile is the single solution for any Server, Desktop, Notebook or Embedded PC.
    * Requires PXE Network Boot BIOS option
  • Several Deployment Images Available
    QuickCAST Mobile comes standard with hardware diagnostic test firmware/software. Several deployment images are also optionally available that include:
    • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Scanning & Removal
    • Hard Drive Erasure
    • Hard Drive Backup / Recovery
    • Windows PE Diagnostics & other utilities.

    For large/high-volume environments for OEM System Builders or PC Refurbishers, please ask about the QuickCAST Premium Solution.
  • Deployment Ready in 60 Seconds or less!
    Implementation is quick and simple as the box requires a single network connection to your existing network infrastructure. For Technicians on the move, deployment easily is achieved within 60 seconds - simply insert power and a network connection directly to the system under test. No installation program, setup or configurations are needed. It's really that simple!

Designed for:

  • PC Service & Repair Shops
  • Low volume PC Refurbishment
  • Mobile PC Technicians
  • Government IT
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate IT departments

Benefit Highlights

  • Troubleshoot More Systems with Less Effort = Increase in Profit
    Boot several systems concurrently and walk away. Its that simple. With concurrent system deployments, technicians can take on more volume with less effort. Business owners see immediate ROI.
  • Build, Upgrade, Troubleshoot & Ship with the highest Confidence
    No longer will you have to be concerned about defective or DOA (Dead On Arrival) computers. Deliver repaired PCs back to customers quicker and with the highest confidence that the problem was fix right - the first time.
  • No More Boot Media
    Eliminate the need for various boot media such as Floppies, CDROMs, or USBs. Majority of all PC's shipped since 2000 have the Network Boot capability

  • Product Support & Updates Included
    The last thing you need today is a "No Strings Attached" diagnostic tool. That probably means limited or no support after the sale. QuickCAST Mobile comes with attached strings.
    Free USA unlimited technical support incidents with live support specialists via phone and email. Any updates released within your service period are also included at no charge.