Diagnostics & Malware Removal for Android Devices

Finally! A professional-grade tool designed specifically for service technicians!

How Does it Work?

QuickTech Android is simple to use. Just follow the steps below:

Step #1. Insert the OTG USB and install the App

QuickTech Android USB will work on most major brand Android v3.3 and newer Smartphones and Tablets with USB OTG capability.

Step #2. Launch the App and tap the Scan button

The initial scan will provide insights on the Android device such as storage & memory usage, root status and more!

Step #3. Perform a Test, Scan for Malware or Factory Reset the Device

Select from preconfigured test scripts, scan for viruses, or securely erase & factory reset the device.


Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.


The Dashboard provides quick insights on the device's storage, memory and battery usage, root status, application processes and service state, detailing the carrier provider, signal strength and SIM status.

Device Information

View device information such as OS information, device identification, device hardware, information on sensors and mcu more.

Diagnostic Testing

Service Technicians will benefit from preconfigured test scripts categorized by Symptom. Advanced testing can be selected from Stress Tests, Interactive Tests, Sensor tests and individual test categories.

Malware Detection (Optional Module)

Easily perform a complete file scan on storage drives & installed applications for adware, fakeware, ransomware and more. The add on module allows the app to install & remain on the device for the end user providing secure protection for 1 year.

Secure Erase & Factory Restore

Securely erase text messages, calendar, photos, videos, call logs and other sensitive information prior to refurbishing and remarketing used Smartphones & tablets!

Professional Reporting

Professional reports customized with your company logo is readily available on the QuickTech Android USB following a diagnostic test.

Peace of Mind

All product updates and support (live phone, web chat and email) are included for the duration of service term!

Compare Android Solutions

View the table below to ensure you have the correct product for your environment.
System Information
Diagnostic Testing
Secure Erase & Factory Restore
Malware Detection
Custom Branded Test Reports
Database friendly XML
3rd Party APK Installation
Simple Custom Script Creation
License Communication
Deployment Method
Special Requirements
Max Concurrent Usage

QuickTech Android USB

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickTech Android USB supports 1 Android device at a time.
AOS 3.3 or above, OTG Support
One at a time via USB

QuickCAST Android Wifi

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickCAST Android hardware supports up to 10 Android device concurrently.
Wifi b/g/n
Any Wifi, USB, SD, BT, SMS
AOS 3.3 or above, Win 7/8 PC
Ten at a time via Wifi

Tell me more!

Some additional information on QuickTech Android
  • DETECT rooted devices
  • IDENTIFY problematic hardware related issues
  • SCAN & REMOVE malicious files and applications
  • ERASE sensitive data & Factory Restore
  • PROFESSIONAL customer friendly reporting
  • COMPATIBLE with major Android Smartphone & Tablet devices
  • REQUIRES Android OS 3.3 or newer
  • REQUIRES USB OTG Capability*
  • UNLIMITED product usage & support for service term
  • FULLY COVERED warranty replacement on the UX hardware
  • SYSTEM CORE TESTS CPU, Memory, Storage & Graphics Tests
  • INTERACTIVE TESTS Battery, Camera, Device Buttons, HDMI, USB External Mouse, Headphone, Microphone, Video Playback, Audio Playback, Dead Pixel, Single & Multi Touch Display
  • STRESS TESTS CPU Stress, Memory Stress, Graphics Stress, System Stress
  • SENSOR TESTS Accelerometer, Ambient Temp, Gyroscope, Light, Linear Acceleration, Magnetic Field, Orientation Compass, Pressure, Proximity, Relative Humidity, Rotation Vector, Temperature, Vibration

Watch QuickTech Android in Action!

Select from available videos below to watch QuickTech Android in action.
QuickTech Android USB - Graphics Test
A 2min video demonstrating the complete process - Installing the app, performing a graphics test and viewing the report.
QuickTech Android USB - Malware Scan (Optional Module)
A 1min video demonstrating the optional malware scan module.


Have questions? Check below for the most commonly asked questions or contact UX.
What is QuickTech Android?
QuickTech Android is a diagnostic tool for Android Smartphones & Tablets used to isolate hardware from software issues.
Is QuickTech Android a single time use product?
QuickTech Android is designed for professional service technicians and can be used an unlimited number of times on unlimited Android devices during your subscription period.
What do I do if the QuickTech Android USB gets damaged and stops working?
Standard with all Ultra-X products, QuickTech Android comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If at any time the QuickTech Android USB hardware becomes damaged, Ultra-X will replace the hardware free of charge.
Where can I purchase QuickTech Android USB?
QuickTech Android may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally. EU residents may purchase from the UX EU online store.
What is the difference between QuickTech Android & QuickCAST Android?
There are 4 major differences between QuickTech Android and QuickCAST Android:
#1) QuickTech Android requires OTG support. QuickCAST utilizes wifi thus has better "universal" support for the various Android Smartphones & Tablets available on the market.
#2) QuickTech Android can be used on a single device at a time, whereas QuickCAST Android can be deployed to 10 devices concurrently.
#3) QuickTech Android comes preconfigured with default test scripts. To create a custom script requires a tedious manual process. QuickCAST Android on the other hand includes a built-in script maker.
#4) QuickTech Android is a standalone USB device. QuickCAST Android on the other hand requires a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC to be used.


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