QuickTech Self Boot UEFI hardware diagnostics tool service technicians - powered by Ultra-X, Inc.

How Does it Work?

QuickTech Self Boot for PC is simple to use. Just follow the steps below:

Step #1. Insert & Boot directly to the USB diagnostic hardware

QuickTech Self Boot is OS independent making it the best choice for testing core hardware in the cleanest environment possible!

Step #2. Select a Burn-In or Diagnostic test script

Execute comprehensive diagnostics with minimal effort! Launch a script and walk away. QuickTech Self Boot does all the dirty work.

Step #3. Test Results ready in as little as 10m

Come back in 10-45min to view test results. All reports are automatically saved back to the USB ideal for printing or emailing at a later time.

Did you know?

Ultra-X is the ONLY diagnostic provider to offer OS-FREE Self Booting Legacy BIOS and Native UEFI Diagnostics. Better yet, QuickTech Self Boot works with Microsoft Secure Boot enabled!

Feature Highlights

Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.

Self Boot Technology

Utilizes direct hardware access commands to perform advanced, multi-threaded low-level diagnostics without the interference of DOS, Windows, Linux, etc.. Eliminates doubt and easily identifies core hardware issues (Memory, CPU, HDD). Supports Legacy BIOS and native UEFI based platforms.

Native UEFI Diagnostics

QuickTech Self Boot provides legacy-free native 64-bit Operating System independent UEFI hardware diagnostics that work with Microsoft UEFI Secure Boot option enabled. Identify problematic hardware without interference from Operating Systems such as Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.

Complete System Burn-In

Perform automatic & unattended comprehensive Burn-In / Aging of a system. Components are exercised prior to being placed in service accurately detecting components that fail as a result of infant mortality. Provides confidence in shipped units to maintain your high quality reputation.

Multi-Threaded Memory Testing

Performs the most comprehensive multi-threaded testing available for Memory (up to 128GB. For larger amounts of RAM, we recommend utilizing RAM STRESS TEST Premium) using Ultra-X proprietary multi-threaded memory tests. Supports testing of all Multi-Channel DDR4, DDR3, DDR2 memory technologies.

Storage Drive Testing

Comprehensive Storage Disk Drive testing for HDD, SSD, SATA NVME & ODD verifies the drive's overall reliability and condition.

CPU Processor Testing

Advanced testing for proper operation of each physical and logical CPU core. QuickTech Self Boot supports the latest 8th Generation Intel Core I-Series & AMD 32/64-bit compatible single and multi-core processors.

Professional Reporting

Professional reports are readily available on the QuickTech Self Boot USB following a diagnostic test.

Supports Headless Systems

QuickTech Self Boot is programmed using native assembly allowing for headless systems to easily display and control via IPMI, BMC, Intel vPRO and COM port remote BIOS redirection. Ideal for servers, industrial computers and other embedded headless systems.

Secure USB Hardware Casing

The new USB hardware case provides a secure method for locking the hardware to the service technician bench, minimizing risk of lost or stolen units.

Compare Solutions QuickTech Self Boot

View the table below to ensure you have the correct product for your environment.
System Information
Core Hardware Diagnostic Testing
Flexible Custom Scripting
Custom Branded Test Reports
Database friendly
HDD Erase
Backup / Cloning
Malware Detection
Windows Installation
License Communication
Deployment Method
Max Concurrent Usage

QuickTech Self Boot USB

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickTech Self Boot for PC USB hardware supports 1 PC at a time.
Supports any Intel/AMD x86/x64 CPU Platform
One at a time via USB

QuickCAST Server Starter Appliance

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickCAST Network license supports up to 5 PC's concurrently.
Meets DoD requirements
Ethernet Adapter
Ethernet Adapter
Supports any Intel/AMD x86/x64 CPU Platform
Five at a time via Network Switch

Tell me more!

Some additional information on QuickTech Self Boot
  • DUAL BOOT Legacy & UEFI BIOS based platforms with no OS!
  • DETECT hardware issues that other diagnostic tools cannot!
  • IDENTIFY difficult memory related issues
  • CREATE custom scripts to meet your specific test needs.
  • PROFESSIONAL customer friendly reporting
  • SINGLE SOLUTION Test any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Server w/Intel or AMD x86/x64 CPU Platform
  • COMPATIBLE with Legacy and UEFI BIOS.
  • FREQUENT product updates provisioned from cloud.
  • UNLIMITED product usage & support for service term
  • FULLY COVERED warranty replacement on the UX hardware
  • STRESS TESTS CPU Stress, Memory Stress, System Stress
  • SYSTEM CORE TESTS Physical & Logical CPU Cores, Memory, Internal & External Storage & Motherboard
  • PERIPHERAL TESTS Ethernet Network Adapters, COM Ports, LPT Ports, USB, Firewire, Printer, Keyboard, Sound, VGA & VESA RAM, Dead Pixel,

Watch QuickTech Self Boot in Action!

Select from available videos below to watch QuickTech Self Boot in action.
QuickTech Self Boot USB - Multi-Threaded Memory Test
Video demonstrating the exclusive Multi-threaded Memory Test detecting defective memory.
QuickTech Self Boot USB - Defective HDD
Video demonstrating the detection of a defective bad hard drive (HDD)


Have questions? Check below for the most commonly asked questions or contact UX.
What is QuickTech Self Boot?
QuickTech Self Boot is a 100% Operating System FREE diagnostic tool & burn-in solution for Intel & AMD x86 compatible processor platforms. This means you boot directly to the Ultra-X hardware - no DOS, Linux or Windows OS is required providing the best test environment resulting in the most accurate test results.
Ultra-X diagnostics identifies errors but my other diagnostic packages don't?
Many customers utilize various diagnostic test packages, however at times, these packages will report different results. Ultra-X's advantage over competitive products is a combination of 3 items:
  1. Ultra-X diagnostics are completely Operating System independent. This means no DOS or DOS derivative, no Linux and no Windows. Ultra-X diagnostics perform in the cleanest environment possible; This translates into providing the most accurate test results. Other diagnostic tools utilize Linux, WinPE or DOS derivatives such as DR.DOS, EURODOS which are close to being 3 decades old - single threaded and outdated.
  2. Ultra-X diagnostics utilize proprietary test methodologies. We develop exclusive, custom proprietary test methods from failure analysis on defective components. Ultra-X frequently updates the product line, releasing a minimum of two updates a year.
  3. Ultra-X develops and utilizes hardware designed to assist in heavy data generation on the main databus. We call this our Noise Pattern Generator. This is also the reason why our USB hardware is very chunky in size as compared to standard USB flash drives.
What do I do if the QuickTech Self Boot USB gets damaged and stops working?
Standard with all Ultra-X products, QuickTech Self Boot comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If at any time the QuickTech Self Boot USB hardware becomes damaged, Ultra-X will replace the hardware free of charge.
Where can I purchase QuickTech Self Boot USB?
QuickTech Self Boot may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally. EU residents may purchase from the UX EU online store.
What is the difference between QuickTech Self Boot & QuickCAST Server?
QuickTech Self Boot is a diagnostic product while QuickCAST Server is a product that provides the deployment method. QuickCAST Server deploys QuickTech Self Boot network module directly to PC's via PXE network booting.
Can QuickTech Self Boot work on machines with Secure Boot Enabled?
As of UEFI version 2.004, QuickTech Self Boot is now capable of booting with UEFI Secure Boot enabled.


Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Ultra-X diagnostics.
"QuickTech Self Boot enhances Corvalent's QA process to ensure consistent high quality & reliability standards our customers expect."
"Congratulations on a fine product! QuickTech is a valuable tool aiding us in ther diagnosis and repair of the very computers that groundbreaking research is being conducted on."
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
"QuickTech Self Boot is the ideal all-purpose hardware burn-in / diagnostic utility that will help rule out hardware problems before moving on and tackling possible software problems."
PC Upgrade
"This one could server as a model for all PC Diagnostic tools - Fast, small, OS-independent, easy to run and quick to provide accurate and useful output."
Maximum PC Magazine
"All in all, QuickTech is Deep, complete, and accurate. It's one of the few diagnostic tools in this roundup to properly identify Level 1 cache size, keyboard controller, video card and motherboard makers, BIOS version, CPU socket type, a ton of details about the CPU(even voltage), what UltraDMA and PIO model your drive supports, and other types of far more specialized information."
Maximum PC Magazine
"QuickTech exercises components on the system that typically are not included by running something like Prime95 or video tests routines. Yes, there are freeware test utilities around, such as Prime95, but for the level of detail and depth of testing outside of the OS, UXD's Quick Tech is hard to beat."
"The QuickTech USB Tester is another quality diagnostic product from Ultra-X. Many software products attempt to do hardware testing, but only so much can be done without a hardware load to talk to and to verify and measure the signals of interest. The combination of both test hardware and software makes this product capable of doing a very comprehensive range of testing."
Real World Technologies
"Quicktech Self Boot and QuickCast Server have provided my repair shop with the ability to test multiple machines thoroughly and quickly with diagnostics that are reliable. I cannot find any competition that compare with these diagnostics products"
Multop's Computer Consulting