PC Hardware Diagnostics
Done Right!

QuickTech Self Boot offers unmatched test accuracy and reliable results, enhancing Service Technician efficiency and confidence.

How does it work?

QuickTech Self Boot

Diagnostics for PC and Apple Mac

How does it work?

With no installation or configuration to hassle with, QuickTech Self-Boot makes hardware testing quick, simple and most importantly accurate.
Just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1
    Insert the QuickTech Self-Boot USB
    into an available port
  • Step 2
    Power on the computer
    (any Desktop, Laptop or Server)
  • Step 3
    Boot directly to the
    QuickTech Self-Boot USB
  • Step 4
    Select a test script
    and come back in as little as 10min!

The Ultra-X Self Boot Advantage

(aka "The Ultra-X Secret Sauce")

The significant advantage over traditional legacy tools and exclusive to Ultra-X,
QuickTech Self Boot utilizes low-level native assembly commands to communicate and access the computer hardware directly. No DOS, DOS-derivative, Linux nor Windows.  Proprietary test routines perform clean, unhindered behavioral testing to identify and isolate faulty hardware sensitive to system idiosyncrasies.

Did you know? Ultra-X is the ONLY diagnostic provider to offer OS-FREE Self Booting Legacy BIOS and Native UEFI Diagnostics for both Apple Mac & PC.

Product Highlights

We're not keen blowing our own trumpet, but...

Ultra-X Exclusive
Self Boot Technology

Utilizes direct hardware access commands to perform advanced, multi-threaded low-level diagnostics without the interference of DOS, Windows, Linux, etc.. Eliminates doubt and easily identifies core hardware issues (Memory, CPU, HDD). Supports Legacy BIOS and native UEFI based platforms.

Native 64-bit
UEFI Diagnostics

QuickTech Self Boot provides legacy-free native 64-bit Operating System independent UEFI hardware diagnostics that work with Microsoft UEFI Secure Boot option enabled. Identify problematic hardware in the cleanest test environment; without interference from Operating Systems such as Windows, DOS, Linux, etc.


Unrivaled Mutil-Threaded Memory Testing

Performs the most comprehensive multi-threaded testing available for Memory (up to 128GB. For larger amounts of RAM, we recommend utilizing RAM STRESS TEST Premium) using Ultra-X proprietary multi-threaded memory tests. Supports testing of all Multi-Channel DDR4, DDR3, DDR2 memory technologies.

Automated System Burn-In

Create & execute custom automated & unattended comprehensive Burn-In scripts.

Storage Drive Testing

Comprehensive Disk Drive testing for HDD, SSD, SATA NVME & Optical drives; Verifies the drive's overall health, performance & reliability.

CPU / Processor Testing

Stress test w/ real-time thermal monitoring of physical CPUs & CPU cores. Supports Intel & AMD x86 32bit and 64bit CPUs.

Supports Headless Systems

Headless systems are easy to control/monitor remotely via IPMI, BMC, Intel vPRO and COM port remote BIOS redirection. Ideal for servers, industrial computers and other embedded headless systems.

TXT & XML Report Logs

Reports are automatically saved and readily available on the QuickTech Self Boot USB following completion of a diagnostic test script. Easily import the database friendly XML or use the Ultra-X Database to auto-import and convert to professional HTML layout.

Security Casing

The latest packaging provides two security holes to lock down to a tech bench to reduce loss or theft.

“QuickTech enhances Corvalent's QA process to ensure consistent high quality and reliability standards our customers expect.”


  • Single Technician License
  • Unlimited Testing*
  • Product Support*
  • Firmware Updates*
  • Warranty*

* for duration of license term

  • Single Technician License
  • Unlimited Testing*
  • Product Support*
  • Firmware Updates*
  • Warranty*

* for duration of license term

  • Single Technician License
  • Unlimited Testing*
  • Product Support*
  • Firmware Updates*
  • Warranty*

* for duration of license term