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With all the powerful features that QuickTech Windows offers, you'll have everything you'll need to solve the most common problems maximizing your technician's efficiency and increasing overall product and service quality.

Technician Console

Diagnose & resolve various issues in less time than ever before with Technician Console. Easily identify hardware related issues, windows updates, low disk usage, high memory usage, disabled hardware devices, security protection and more on a single screen. Technician Console minimizes the learning curve for new service technicians so they can quickly troubleshoot and fix issues right the first time!

Next Service Due - Client Side App

This custom branded application installs on your clients computers and reminds your client to return for regular service maintenance every 90 days or upon detection of hardware related issues by displaying your business contact information.

Multi-Point Assessment

Most Technicians do not make good sales staff, however, QuickTech Windows provides the help to offer your customer additional services easily. There are so many services that can be offered in ways that appeal precisely to your customer base, maximizing potential sales opportunities. With QuickTech Windows, you have access to several functions like the Multi-Point Assessment Tool which can quickly be run on every system that enters the shop. MPA will create a 33-point Assessment on the current condition of the computer that can be printed on a single page customer friendly report. The service and repair company can easily insert their own logo and contact details to brand the report. Best yet, MPA provides a small area of the report to provide promotional opportunities or advertisement placement.
  • Core Hardware Warnings
  • Overall Performance Rating
  • Overall System Reliability Rating
  • Anti-Malware Software Installation / Renewal
  • Firewall Software Installation
  • Visual Inspection
  • Ink & Toner Refill
  • Next Visit Coupon


Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.

Advanced Web Cam Testing

From web chatting to scanning qrcodes, the webcam is now one of the most important peripherials that requires comprehensive testing - an exclusive test Ultra-X offers.

Xbox One & Xbox 360 Controller Testing

With Steam machines becoming the new gaming console trend, Xbox controllers (old and new) are in high demand. Xbox controller testing for Xbox 360 & Xbox One - an exclusive test Ultra-X offers.

No Installation!

QuickTech Windows is fully portable. No installation required. Insert the USB into any avaialble USB port and launch the Technician Console.

Hardware Testing with Ease!

We understand service technician turnover is high and you dont have time for hand-holding while training new recuits. Technician Console provides easy-one-click testing from the script menu. Simply choose a test script by symptom, system type or by script name and let QuickTech Windows so all the dirty work!

Touch Friendly Interface

With Windows 8.1 introduction, new touch enabled displays are quickly becoming the new trend. QuickTech Windows is now touch friendly - providing technicians an easy to use interface with quick access to commonly used features.

Windows Event Calendar

One of the best functions available to help both technician and customer visually identify critical problems, the Windows Event Calendar provides a single yearly view highlighting events in red or yellow depending on level of significance.

Detailed System Information

Easily capture and print detailed information on the complete system hardware. Extended System information provides installed hotfixes, applications, critical events and more!

Integrated Troubleshooting Wizard

QuickTech Windows makes it easier than ever to quickly troubleshoot and resolve common issues. Not only does QuickTech Windows diagnose the issue at hand, but also provides a built in troubleshooting wizard to help resolve specific commonly known issues..

Professional Branded Reports

QuickTech Windows reporting has been enhanced to simplify and provide a customer friendly professional test report. Best yet, the report can easily be customized with your company brand logo in a single step.

Peace of Mind

All product updates and support (live phone, web chat and email) are included for the duration of service term!

Compare QuickTech Windows

Technician Console
Multi-Point Assessment
Troubleshooting Wizard
Custom Branded Test Reports
External Loopbacks
Database friendly XML
Cloud Updates
Simple Custom Script Creation
License Communication
Deployment Method
Max Concurrent Usage

QuickTech Windows USB

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickTech Windows USB supports 1 Windows device at a time.
USB / Optical Media
One at a time per USB

QuickTech Windows for Remote

Unlimited usage for duration of term. One QuickTech Windows login credential supports 1 Windows device at a time.
Any Cloud Storage
One at a time per login

Tell me more!

Some additional information on QuickTech Windows
  • ISOLATE hardware from software issues
  • IDENTIFY problematic and unreliable hardware
  • MINIMIZE troubleshooting time with Technician Console
  • MAXIMIZE profits with Multi-Point Assessment
  • PROFESSIONAL customer friendly reporting
  • COMPATIBLE with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server2008 / Server2012 Desktop, Server, Laptop and Tablet devices
  • REQUIRES .NET 3.5 & .NET 4 Framework
  • REQUIRES Available USB port
  • UNLIMITED product usage & support for service term
  • FULLY COVERED warranty replacement on the UX hardware
  • SYSTEM CORE TESTS CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Internal & External HDD / SSD Storage, including RAID & Graphics Tests
  • INTERACTIVE TESTS Battery, Camera, USB, Keyboard, Audio, Video, Dead Pixel display, Touch Display, Xbox 360/One Controller, COM Ports, LPT Ports, Ethernet Network Adapters, Wifi Network Adapters, Fingerprint Scanner, Notebook Lid, Alienware Keyboard LEDs,
  • STRESS TESTS CPU Stress, Memory Stress, Graphics Stress, System Stress

Show me more!

Select from available videos below to watch QuickTech Windows in action.
QuickTech Windows - Graphics Test
A quick video demostrating some of the OpenGL & DirectX API graphics tests.
QuickTech Windows - Event Calendar
A quick video demonstrating the quick and simple method of identifying problematic issues with the System Event Calendar.
QuickTech Windows - Multi-Point Assessment
A quick video demonstrating the Multi-Point Assessment function. This tool help Technicians with successful upsell opportunities. The 30 second automatic inspection outputs customer friendly custom branded report.
QuickTech Windows - Battery Testing
A quick video demonstrating the SMART battery test for laptops, tablets and other portable devices.


Have questions? Check below for the most commonly asked questions or contact UX.
What is QuickTech Windows?
QuickTech Windows is a diagnostic tool for Windows Desktops, Server, Laptops, and Tablets used to quickly troubleshoot hardware issues.
Is QuickTech Windows a single time use product?
QuickTech Windows is designed for professional service technicians and can be used an unlimited number of times on unlimted number of WIndows devices during your subscription period.
What do I do if the QuickTech Windows USB gets damaged and stops working?
Standard with all Ultra-X products, QuickTech Windows comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If at any time the QuickTech Windows USB hardware becomes damaged, Ultra-X will replace the hardware free of charge.
Where can I purchase QuickTech Windows USB?
QuickTech Windows may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally. EU residents may purchase from the UX EU online store.
What is the difference between QuickTech Windows & QuickTech Premium?
QuickTech Windows complements QuickTech Premium and visa versa. QuickTech Premium is OS independent providing the most accurate diagnostics for CPU, Memory and HDD - core system hardware. QuickTech Windows on the otherhand provides testing that QuickTech Premium cannot as most peripherials require a driver to initialize - ie - Wifi Adapters, Touch, Bluetooth, Webcam, Graphics and more.


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"We wasted money on other diagnostics before and learned about marketing gimmicks the hard way. Ultra-X offers quality products and support...highly recommended!"
"An unhappy customer can cost us not only time and money - but our reputation. We explored several products, yet none came close to the accuracy Ultra-X provided - the decision was clearly simple."
Central Computers
Just wanted to mention that you guys have done an awesome job with QuickTech Windows. A truely superb product that is innovative, practical an user freindly. What a breadth of fresh air after struggling with #$@^)$ all these years!
Extreme Systems
"The new QTW is Great! As an independent consultant/engineer, detailed testing, accuracy, functionality and portability are highly important to me. QTW and the other UXD products in my field kit have provided exceptional function and detailed testing."
Stull Consulting
"Have setup the new QuickCAST & simply LOVE IT! Point of note, we have detected 3 faulty brand new HDD's to date, tested with #$%$@!^%$ to compare & the faulty HDD's passed! Thank god we don't use #$%$@!^%$ any more, otherwise these faulty HDD's would have gone out to customers."
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