Sunday November 17, 2019

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RAM Stress Test Professional (R.S.T. Pro)
is a memory testing PCI hardware card that utilizes firmware technology designed for rigorous testing needs of computer
manufacturers, design engineers, and service professionals. R.S.T. Pro is a Self-Booting, Operating System Independent memory diagnostic card for exercising and validating RAM in AT 486 through the latest series of Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP, and Cyrix compatible processors.

You may select from over 30 standard and propietary memory test algorithms. Currently, R.S.T. Pro supports all SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR, DDR/2, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, Parity and Non-Parity) and others. A major advantage of using R.S.T. Pro, compared to stand alone testers, is the capibility of testing and validating RAM modules in a system. On many occasions, memory modules that pass standalone testers will fail using R.S.T. Pro. This is caused by the system chipset, noise, and several other factors. R.S.T. Pro in this environment, is the best, easiest, and fastest way to validate, and test system RAM. R.S.T. Pro lets users test system RAM without the interference of any Memory Drives, TSR's, Operating System limitations, or Windows protected mode environment. R.S.T. Pro runs all tests in protected mode which can completely and throroughly test up to 64 gigabyte of memory. This utility provides users the options of running sophisticated test patterens to detect hard to find memory errors, which are not detected by other test software.

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