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April 18, 2019
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Newly redesigned to have more features than its Rev. 7 predecessor. QuickPOST Rev. 10 is the ideal tool for any engineering department. This test card allows you to monitor POST codes both directly and remotely. QuickPOST Serial monitors Ports 80 and 81, power supply voltages and system temperature.

QuickPOST Serial displays port 80 and 81 results on two 7- segment displays and is capable of outputting the data through an on-board serial port. To view POST on the 7-segment display, simply insert the card into any PCI +5 or +3.3 volt slot and power up the system. The card will display all codes that are output by the system. The card is also equipped with a FIFO controller that stores every code being generated by the system. This allows the user to monitor every step of the test process by reviewing the POST code log remotely. Since every code is remotely logged, it can be compared to other logs at a later time.

Since we are also monitoring port 81, you can use this port to monitor the execution of any code. When writing your source code, you can simply set error codes at different points. By monitoring the codes, you can easily determine hang-up points. With its serial output capability, it can be used to monitor codes remotely by using HyperTerminal or a similar utility. The codes can be monitored by a system up to 50 feet away, ideal for any temperature chamber testing.

The QuickPOST Serial also has the ability to monitor Bus power supply voltages and temperature. To test the power supply voltages, the card uses on-board voltage regulators to monitor the 5, 3.3, 12 and -12 voltage lines. The results can be viewed on the on-board 7-segment display or output through the serial port generating a real time reading of the voltages.

The QuickPOST Serial is also equipped with two optional temperature sensing probes. These probes can be placed anywhere on the system. With a 12-inch reach, the probes are ideal for testing temperature at specific system areas. The temperature is measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales simultaneously. Temperature results are output to a serial port, generating a real time reading.

All of these features put the QuickPOST Serial Rev. 10 in a class by itself. Its POST of both 80 and 81 simultaneously, remote capability, voltage and temperature monitoring abilities make it a must tool for any PC technician. Its monitoring and output ability, make it a necessity for any engineering and software development station.

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