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Ultra-X, Inc., diagnostic hardware and software diagnostics developer and technology pioneer, offers a wide array of Professional PC diagnostic hardware and software solutions for pc computer manufacturers, pc oem, pc odm, system engineers, computer service technicians, integrators, & computer professionals. Ultra-X is committed to providing the most effective pc diagnostics test tools in the industry and backing each diagnostic hardware & software diagnostic product with uncompromising technical support. We have supported design engineers with testing tools, manufactures with complete burn-in solutions, RMA Departments and PC Technicians with diagnostic products that quickly and accurately diagnose computer problems, even End Users, to assure quality in newly purchased PC computer systems. Furthermore, with new changes in processors, chipsets, Bus structures, and peripherals, you can be assured that Ultra-X will continue to provide solutions for these and other PC industry developments. Ultra-X 's hardware and software diagnostics test tools are available through a network of partners and distributors in more than 10 countries worldwide. Find a distributor near you by contacting us at 408-261-7090 or email us at sales@uxd.com

Ultra-X, Inc.- Professional PC Diagnostic Tools Computer Repair Tools Technician Certified Diagnostic Tools Burn-In Software Windows based Stress Testing Memory / RAM Test

QuickTech Premium
Ultra-X's flagship diagnostic program. QuickTech Premium contains all the same features as QuickTech PRO but adds advanced test functions for the latest multi-core based platforms such as concurrent CPU core testing, advanced DDR3 memory testing and hardware stress testing. Available on Ultra-X proprietary USB bootable hardware or Network Bootable image via QuickCAST Mobile appliance.

QuickTech Professional
Ultra-X's Professional-level PC diagnostic software program, is designed to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of system developers and integrators, OEM's, technicians, MIS professionals, and end users who want to quickly test and troubleshoot core system components and peripherals. QuickTech PRO provides technicians with the flexibility they need whether building or repairing PCs.

QuickTech IA (for Intel-based Apple Computers)
QuickTech IA is the first and only operating system independent software diagnostic for Apple hardware. This self-booting CDROM autodetects hardware in the system and then performs a ~10 minute diagnostic assessment. Ideal for detecting high failure components such as Memory and Hard Drives.

QuickTech Legacy Edition
QuickTech Legacy is a powerful yet easy to use diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC's major components. QuickTech Legacy is a test tool for small office or home use for quick system troubleshooting. Save yourself a lot of money in unnecessary repair cost and reduce system down time.

QuickTech for Windows
QuickTech for Windows confirms reliability and stability of PC hardware in a Windows environment when chipset, video and peripheral drivers are initialized. QuickTech for Windows complements QuickTech PRO OS-FREE Diagnostics, performing Windows-based testing for a complete comprehensive stress testing solution.

PC Inspector
PC Inspector is a one-click, fast and simple high-level diagnostic ideal for determining the overall system health in a Windows Environment. For systems that fail to boot Windows, the technician will be able to boot directly to the included Genuine Windows PE (WinPE) test environment on the USB or CDROM media.

QuickTech Hard Drive Clean
QuickTech Hard Drive Clean is the ultimate Hard Drive data erase / sanitation tool. Typical formatting of a Hard Disk drive DOES NOT remove or erase your private and sensitive data! QuickTech Hard Drive Clean eliminates this problem by securely erasing ALL of your data from an O/S-FREE environment, providing the assurance that your data is gone for good.

WinStress Test (W.S.T.)
WinStress Test (W.S.T.) is a Windows based utility for exercising and stress load testing the system's overall performance. WinStress Test performs simultaneous stress testing on all core components and supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

WinStress Test PRO (W.S.T. PRO)
WinStress Test PRO (W.S.T. PRO) will dramatically reduce Burn-In / Aging test times to a minimum taking advantage of Microsoft Windows' multi-threaded Operating System. W.S.T. PRO simultaneously stress tests hardware components and provides technicians the flexibility needed such as advanced test functions, scripting, optional network deployment and more.

UltraPOST Embedded Diagnostics
UltraPOST is designed to meet the diagnostic requirement of the embedded PC market. UltraPOST is mainly targeted towards system board manufacturers, industrial PC's and system integrators requiring in-BIOS diagnostics. UltraPOST is a 32k diagnostic code that is designed to be incorporated inside your system BIOS.