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Starter Kit
The Starter Kit, similar to the standard Starter Kit, comes complete with the QuickPOST PCI 3.3 hardware card but also includes the QuickTech Personal software. This kit is deal for a PC technician that is testingless than 5 systems per week. It is also very helpful for small home office and small networks. Before you run a system to your local computer repair center, give this kit a try.

QuickTech Personal (QT) is a powerful yet easy to use diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC's major components. QuickTech Personal is a test tool for small office or home use for quick system troubleshooting. It is ideal for determining a course of action to take in resolving a problem. For example, you may have a simple hardware problem that can be repaired without calling a professional technician or taking your system in to your local shop. You can save yourself a lot of money in unnecessary repair cost and reduce system down time.

QuickPOST PCI 3.3 The QuickPOST PCI 3.3 uses the latest decoding technology, follows established BIOS standards, and supports the complete PCI specifications to greatly reduce or eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems that fail to boot. A must have for any PC Technician. This test card provides the user with visual digital indicators for identifying every P.O.S.T. error code from all major BIOS manufacturers including AMI, AWARD, IBM, PHOENIX and more! Capable of displaying either Port 80 or 81 with a simple switch selection.

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