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BlueCoat Inc.

"Proven experience, leadership and ability to deliver rapid deployment of its diagnostic programs have ensured a tactical and strategic victory for Bluecoat Systems. Ultra-X demonstrates that it is committed to the mission of building relationships that will last for the long term by delivering the highest level of client service, without exception”


"All our validation tests use the
Ultra-X RAM Stress Test card "Stress Test" to heavily exercise Corsair memory.”

Intel Corp.

"The Ultra-X PHD PCI's reliability, accuracy and ease of use persuaded us to include it as a major component of our platform validation test procedure.”

“For me, QuickCAST really is the extra person. Anytime a customer brings in a system, I simply attach a network cable, boot to the network and walk away. Problem solved.”
Fry's Electronics


"QuickTech enhances Corvalent's QA process to ensure consistent high quality and reliability standards our customers expect.” ”


"I love the simplicity of use. QuickCAST is a dream solution to what used to be a tedious and labor intensive problem!”


"Integrating Ultra-X technology clearly emphasizes iDeaUSA’s commitment in creating innovative and quality mobile solutions for our customers”

Super Talent Technology

"We use the RST Pro card extensively in production testing... it's one of the best tools available for stress testing memory"


"We utilize R.S.T. PRO3 card as part of our rigorous Memory Certification testing criteria to award the CMTL Certified Memory seal"

Centon Electronics, Inc.

"Centon's QA department provides an extensive Failure Analysis on any failed or problematic modules. R.S.T. PRO2 is utilized in our failure analysis to ensure that Centon's memory products conform to the customer's specified requirements."


"For me, QuickCAST really is the extra person. Anytime a customer brings in a system, I simply attach a network cable, boot to the network and walk away. Problem solved."

Trenton Systems

"...this stress test tool is for those who need to test multiple computers at the same time - Macs included. It allows you to customize scripts based on your needs. Attack multiple computers on the bench and keep moving through burn-ins and benchmarks like a pro."

St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital

"Congratulations on a fine product! QuickTech is a valuable tool aiding us in the diagnosis and repair of the very computers that groundbreaking research is being conducted on.”


"What Doesn't Break a Toughbook Makes It Stronger: How They Test the Hell Out of Them. If you were to travel to Takatsukadai—the middle of nowhere—you'd find Panasonic's Toughbook plant quietly making notebooks with the world's lowest failure rate."


"Ultra-X diagnostic solutions are very versatile for us to use in manufacturing, it has a very simple user interface that is easy to use, the flexibility of the options, accuracy and the different ways of deploying the tool is what attracted us to purchase this burn-in software tool. UXD is also a great partner for us as they are able to customize their tools tailored to our specific needs”

PC Upgrade Magazine

"QuickTech Pro is the ideal all-purpose hardware burn-in/diagnostic utility, while QuickTech Personal will help rule out hardware problems before moving on and tackling possible software problems."

PC Upgrade Magazine

"PHD PCI contains everything but the kitchen sink, although we're sure it would be in there if we looked hard enough."

Maximum PC Magazine

"This one could serve as a model for ALL PC Diagnostic tools-Fast, small, OS-independent, easy to run, and quick to provide detailed and useful output.”

Maximum PC Magazine

"All in all, QuickTech is Deep, complete, and accurate. It's one of the few diagnostic tools in this roundup to properly identify Level 1 cache size, keyboard controller, videocard and motherboard makers, BIOS version, CPU socket type, a ton of details about the CPU(even voltage), what UltraDMA and PIO model your drive supports, and other types of far more specialized information."

Maximum PC Magazine

"P.H.D. PCI 2 can sure save you a lot of time. The new version plugs into both 3.3 volt and 5 volt PCI slots and lets you boot directly to the card so you can run 150 motherboard diagnostics including tests for the DMA controller, interrupt controller, memory and CPU. The P.H.D. PCI 2 can also test most of the peripherals hooked up to the PC. It can even boot a system without system RAM."

Maximum PC Magazine

"..No ordinary POST card. It's a full diagnostic card capable of booting some dead motherboards, and running a full suite of medical tests on everything form CDROM-drives to RAM Sticks to CPUs."

Maximum PC Magazine

"Yes, RAM is also quite often a culprit in funky system behavior these days. Ultra-X's R.S.T. Pro2 PCI-E (also available in PCI or USB) lets you pinpoint RAM issues with industry-standard and proprietary test patterns. The R.S.T. is so well respected that major RAM and CPU vendors use it to validate memory. It's expensive, but good."

Maximum PC Magazine

"R.S.T. Premium's new Burst Test Mode uses multi-threading to evaluate your RAM and get down to the root cause of those mysterious crashes."

Real World Technologies

"Within several weeks of publishing the results of Memory Shootout Round 1, support people and hobbyists from various parts of the world emailed with requests that I test their favorite memory diagnostic. It was also suggested that the tests should be a bit more rigorous to see if one clear winner could be declared. This would mean some additional modules, and perhaps some particular configuration that had a known, but very difficult to detect, problem.
I disqualified a product as soon as it failed to detect a bad module (false positive). PC-Doctor failed to detect the first module tested."

Real World Technologies

"Ultra-X products are top-of-the-line, and should be in the toolbox of any real support professional. "

RAM (Reseller Advocate) Magazine

"As a system builder, you should be pre-emptively stress testing your systems to ensure they're able to hold up with every subsystem taxed to its limit. After a sufficient burn-in period, it's far easier to guarantee against the "infant mortality" rate."


"While this is one of our traditional internal tools, it has come in very handy recently with DDR3 testing in that it has been a very good tool in finding issues with failures and errors as to validating DDR3 RAM timings at specific clock speeds that are not always easily identified using traditional stressing tools that have to be utilized inside the operating system."

Legit Reviews

"I use R.S.T. here at Legit Reviews as I have found it the best way to find faulty memory modules and one of the best ways to see if an overclock is really stable or not."

Virtual Hideout

The RST Pro 2 is a unique PCI based product that will heavily test the deep down dirty secrets of your memory modules and reveal even the most miniscule defect. Using a product like the RST is much better than simply running a couple quick benchmarks and thinking it's all good to go. This hardware will seriously test your memory like nothing else on the market. It's also used my many memory manufacturers to test their memory before it leaves the factory."

RB Mods

"This product really rox for the home-user and for the pro. This product gives you the chance to see what's wrong with your products, if it's stable, etc… A great addition to everyone that even has a little knowledge about the computer. It comes in a nice kit with really good manuals. All in all this product gets our full recommendations and 5 out of 5 for a great product!!"

Hardware Logic

"HardwareLogic has some of the most stringent memory testing on the web. When it comes to stability, we require a kit pass five cycles with the Ultra-X R.S.T PRO3 Memory Tester (The same testing hardware used by Corsair Memory and several other memory manufacturers to validate kits, however even most memory companies only require a kit to pass three cycles). We then require the test kit pass our entire benchmarking suite without error. If a memory kit can pass this torture test.....We consider it 100% stable."

Hot Hardware

"After getting everything set up, we wanted to see if the T30 could give us more overclocking headroom. To do this, we started with the memory kit's stock speed of 1600MHz and 8-8-8-24 1T timngs. With a voltage of 1.75V, we raised BCLK and tested for stability at every step. We used the RST Pro3 memory tester from Ultra-X to make sure our settings were stable."


"QuickTech exercises components on the system that typically are not included by running something like Prime95 or video tests routines. Yes, there are freeware test utilities around, such as Prime95, but for the level of detail and depth of testing outside of the OS, UXD's Quick Tech is hard to beat."


"Incredibly versatile software tool for serious PC hardware trouble shooting and burn-in. UXD's Quick Tech Pro is about the most comprehensive software system testing tool I've used. I can burn in and certify a total system or debug the smallest part; the ability to test CD ROMs and DVDs is very handy, allowing me to quickly weed out junk drives."


"Overall, Ultra-X's WinStress test suite is a very complete package to burn-in, identify problems and test Windows PCs for stability. For setting up and running mission critical systems, WinStress is a great test package. For system builders, WinStress is a handy tool to burn in and certify performance. For those of us who are called upon by friends to help them with their PC problems, this product can save a lot of time."

Real World Technologies

"If you're a PC technician, you need to be equipped with a variety of diagnostic tools that gives you that extra edge. The P.H.D. PCI Diagnostic card from Ultra-X just might be that X-factor edge you've been looking for."

Real World Technologies

"After having used several other software diagnostic utilities, including commerial and shareware, we can honestly say that this one is the best of all we have tried."

Real World Technologies

"There may be cheaper alternatives, including shareware utilities, but for the service professional there is no substitute for quality engineering and solid support. Ultra-X provides both of those in all the products we have used. Quick Tech Pro is designed with the professional service technician in mind who needs to quickly analyze and troubleshoot a customers system. It delivers on this with flying colors, and is highly recommended by us. Don't leave the shop without it!!"

Real World Technologies

"There are a number of memory diagnostics available that claim to effectively test system memory, but I've seen no independent evaluations that I would consider reliable. While professionals doing a lot of troubleshooting will generally not balk at spending some money on a good tool, end users and some vendors will usually prefer free software. If these tools are not up to the task, they may end up causing more trouble than if no diagnostic was used at all, because the technician (or user) is convinced the memory is good. I've actually seen vendors 'prove' a memory module is working by simply booting it to DOS!
Using nine known defective modules is not a definitive test, of course, but as you can see from the results, it did identify the better diagnostics!"

  • “Between swapping components & taking time to figure out POST error codes, even a few hours might not be enough time to solve your troubleshooting issues. Simply put, sometimes PC troubleshooting is a task best left to the professionals...or at least professional equipment. P.H.D. PCI2 diagnostic card is a great tool to have in your utility belt!”
    CPU (Computer Power User) Magazine
  • “Even better than Memtest 86 is Ultra-X's RAM Stress Test Pro2, which is a self-booting diagnostic plug-in card. This card uses a comprehensive set of test patterns to assess your memory, and we've found that it finds bad pieces of RAM that other testers miss.”
    Maximum PC Magazine
  • “Testing and repairing computers is a difficult task that is often made more difficult by unwieldy diagnostic tools. Manually running diagnostics and burn-ins is a burden on personnel resources. Ultra-X's QuickCAST Mobile Diagnostic Deployment Appliance provides an automated diagnostic tool that is simple to deploy and requires almost zero maintenance, all in a form factor about the size of a smartphone.”
    Processor Magazine
  • “And if you think the RAM "test" your motherboard performs when you boot the machine is enough to catch all the errors, think again. The R.S.T. Pro2 slips into a PCI slot and works the RAM over like Rosie O'Donnell at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's superior to a stand-alone RAM tester because the RST Pro2 tests the RAM in it's natural habitat- the motherboard. You can also use the R.S.T. Pro2 to test the integrity of the BIOS's memory timings.”
    Maximum PC Magazine
  • “Many service technicians end up having to hunt for the culprit practically "by hand," when in fact hardware defects can be detected and/or pinpointed faster with the help of Ultra-X diagnostic cards. That not only spares the technician a whole lot of headache, but it also eases the burden on the customer's wallet as well. Needless to say, using such a device to diagnose laptop hardware glitches would save both time and money.”
    Tom's Hardware
  • “ Proven experience, leadership and ability to deliver rapid deployment of its diagnostic programs have ensured a tactical and strategic victory for Bluecoat Systems. Ultra-X demonstrates that it is committed to the mission of building relationships that will last for the long term by delivering the highest level of client service, without exception”
    Blue Coat Inc.

"Ultra-X helped me reach a new level of confidance with our R2 Refurbishment process."

AER Worldwide

"QuickCAST has dramatically reduced my workload. Instead of being reactive, I am now proactive in the work that I do."

Fry's Electronics

"An unhappy customer can cost us not only time & money - but our reputation. We explored several products, yet none came close to the accuracy Ultra-X provided - the decision was clearly simple."

Central Computers

"We’ve been successful in business for over 10 years because of strategic partners like Ultra-X"

Extreme Systems

"We weren’t expecting this…Implementing Ultra-X changed our business service & repair process. You guys are awesome!"

Lifeguard Computers

"I’ve used a lot of stuff, but nothing comes close to what Ultra-X offers. It's efficient, it works and it helps me do my job better. "

Davis Computer

"Been using for over 10 years...This stuff is really good! Love the product... Use it!"

Davis Computer

"Miles ahead of anything ive tried so far!"

Tech Squad Computers

"Been using Ultra-X since Intel released their 386 processor. Ultra-X works and saved me a lot of time and effort. Certainly recommended!"

Doda Consulting

"We have found this to be the absolute best tool in our tech repair arsenal! "


"I knew the hard drive on my customers computer was bad, but no other diagnostics would confirm that. I am very happy with the quality and speed of the diagnostics."

Peterson Computer Consulting  

"Both the PHD card and the QuickTech PRO have become indispensible tools because it saves me a tremendous amount of time"

Shift Technologies  

"This is SWEEET! (QuickCAST Premium) Very easy to set up, had it fully functional in 20 min...exactly what I was hoping for. So far I'm really impressed."

DCR Systems Group Inc.

"We used to go to each test bench, manually running burn-in test scripts. What used to take hours & several technicians, now requires just a few clicks of the mouse. Now that's what I call saving time & money!"

P.C. Paramedix  

“With a maximum stress level for 15 minutes, I can be very confident I will not have intermittent problems when the computer reaches its final destination. You definitely understand the market you service.”

Alpine Affiliates

“The latest QuickTech Windows is great! As an independent consultant/engineer, detailed testing, accuracy, functionality and portability are highly important to me. QTW and the other UXD products in my field kit have provided exceptional function and accurate testing!” 

Stull Consulting

"Implementing Ultra-X's complete PC Refurbishment solution into our Asset Recovery process allows us to offer our customers with the highest resale returns within the industry. We are excited about our innovative strategic alliance with Ultra-X and our ability to better serve our customers."

Global Link Technology  

"Our business uses your products daily to diagnose our customer's computers. We found UXD after searching for great quality, reliable and easy to use diagnostics software/equipment. We have had no reason to look elsewhere these past 5 years. Thanks UXD! "

WTR Computers 

"Thank you for your great service and quick replies to my questions and needs."


"Great Service and Amazing products. Ultra x is simply the best. "

Mike's Computer Repair

"Ultra-X obviously has a great team there in the US. By the way, the [competition product] that we purchased some time back fades into insignificance compared to the Ultra-X products. It doesn’t even come close when you compare the 2 products hands on!"

User Friendly PC's

"Just tried the product. LOVE IT! This is coming from someone who thinks Antivirus software are oxymoron's"

Hector M.

"Quicktech Pro and Quicktech DDR have provided my repair shop with the ability to test multiple machines thoroughly and quickly with diagnostics that are reliable. I cannot find any competition that compare with these diagnostics products"

Multop's Computer Consulting  

"The PHD PCI2 diagnosed the problem in about 5 minutes. I wish I had had this little gem the first time. The PHD PCI2 is expensive, but worth every penny."

Litchfield County Computer, L.L.C.  

"I can be very confident I will not have intermittent problems when the computer reaches its final destination. You definitely understand the market you serve."

Alpine Affilliates  

"Your products make the job of testing systems almost a pleasure"

R. Yount

"Thank you for creating such a complete set of diagnostic tools! My "Ultra-X kit", as I call it, is the only troubleshooting gear I need. These tools are the best investment my company has ever made in my department. I highly recommend them to anyone who need the essentials of computer diagnostic tools"

Heritage Schools, Inc.  

"Have setup the new #UXQuickCAST & simply LOVE IT! Point of note, we have detected 3 faulty brand new HDD's to date, tested with #$%$@!^%$ to compare & the faulty HDD's passed! Thank god we don't use #$%$@!^%$ any more, otherwise these faulty HDD's would have gone out to customers."

User Friendly PC's

"In just two weeks UX has paid for itself twice. The after sales support is second to none, ask a question, you get an answer. (unlike a major competitor of theirs who we used first which resulted by filing a case against them through Paypal.)


"Buy UX, IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME, A LOT OF PAIN, and as we have discovered, MAKE YOU MORE MONEY as it found problems we didn’t know were there and could prove to the client they had them via the print out.”