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"Between swapping components & taking time to figure out POST error codes, even a few hours might not be enough time to solve your troubleshooting issues. Simply put, sometimes PC troubleshooting is a task best left to the professionals...or at least professional equipment. P.H.D. PCI2 diagnostic card is a great tool to have in your utility belt!"

CPU (Computer Power User) Magazine

"Testing and repairing computers is a difficult task that is often made more difficult by unwieldy diagnostic tools. Manually running diagnostics and burn-ins is a burden on personnel resources. Ultra-X's QuickCAST D.D.R. Mobile Diagnostic Deployment Appliance provides an automated diagnostic tool that is simple to deploy and requires almost zero maintenance, all in a form factor about the size of a smartphone."

Processor Magazine

And if you think the RAM "test" your motherboard performs when you boot the machine is enough to catch all the errors, think again. The R.S.T. Pro2 slips into a PCI slot and works the RAM over like Rosie O'Donnell at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's superior to a stand-alone RAM tester because the RST Pro2 tests the RAM in it's natural habitat- the motherboard. You can also use the R.S.T. Pro2 to test the integrity of the BIOS's memory timings.

Maximum PC Magazine

"Even better than Memtest 86 is Ultra-X's RAM Stress Test Pro2, which is a self-booting diagnostic plug-in card. This card uses a comprehensive set of test patterns to assess your memory, and we've found that it finds bad pieces of RAM that other testers miss."

Maximum PC Magazine

"Many service technicians end up having to hunt for the culprit practically "by hand," when in fact hardware defects can be detected and/or pinpointed faster with the help of Ultra-X diagnostic cards. That not only spares the technician a whole lot of headache, but it also eases the burden on the customer's wallet as well. Needless to say, using such a device to diagnose laptop hardware glitches would save both time and money. "

Toms Hardware Guide

"Proven experience, leadership and ability to deliver rapid deployment of its diagnostic programs have ensured a tactical and strategic victory for Bluecoat Systems. Ultra-X demonstrates that it is committed to the mission of building relationships that will last for the long term by delivering the highest level of client service, without exception

Blue Coat Inc.

"All our validation tests use the RST card "Stress Test" to heavily exercise the memory"


"The Ultra-X PHD PCI's reliability, accuracy and ease of use persuaded us to include it as a major component of our validation test procedure"

Intel Corp.

"Ultra-X ensures that Fry's PC Service & Repair centers nationwide deliver consistent accuracy vital to maintain the credible Frys brand reputation."

Fry's Electronics