100% Portable Professional-Grade Malware Detection & Removal

UAV Rescue is an invaluable addition to any technician's toolkit and forms a great complement to Ultra-X's pc diagnostic product line.

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UAV Malware Scanner

Professional-grade Malware Removal for PC Service Technicians

Did you know? Using Consumer-based Rescue or "Live" Bootable solutions like Norton BRT, Bitdefender Rescue, Mcafee for commercial use is illegal and subject to heavy fines!
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Designed for
Service Technicians

Finally! A comprehensive and straighforward malware removal tool specifically designed for Commercial-Use. With UAV Rescue in your toolkit, the days of doubt are gone. Restore confidence as malware is eliminated without booting into the customer OS.

When you have a computer infected with malware, the best and sometimes only option is to boot UAV Rescue. Disinfection is more efficient outside of the customer Operating System - eliminating any opportunities for malware to initialize, resist or relocate itself.

Best yet, the single tool works on any Intel or AMD x86 based desktop, laptop, server or tablet PC!

Search & Destroy!
Deep Cleansing for the nastiest infections.

UAV Rescue scans all available local storage drives including hidden files, device drivers, MBR, etc. - locating a wide array of malware infections and providing the highest confidence remediation available.

Many malware infections get underneath guarded system files and programs making eradication seemingly impossible without a system wipe. UAV Rescue operates in its own environment, independent of the system OS where it can access those files and peel away the garbage.

Access to Latest Malware Signature Definitions

The latest definition updates are easily available with a single click to ensure the latest malware are detected and destroyed. Easily connect to an internet accessible network via wired LAN or Wi-Fi


System won't boot?
We got that covered!

For systems that fail to boot or have a nasty malware infection that prevents usage of the PC, UAV USB can be used as a bootable virus & malware scanner! The USB support UEFI and Legacy BIOS based PC's.

For Commercial Use

UAV Rescue is the first malware removal tool specifically designed for Commercial Use in Service Repair Shops. The no nonsense annual subscription license provides unlimited use on unlimited number of PCs during the service term.

Search & Destroy

UAV Rescue is effective and efficient. No installation. Just boot to the USB hardware and start eliminating threats. Scan all local storage drives identifying a wide array of malware infections and providing the highest confidence remediation available.

Busy Shop? We got you covered with Network Deployment

Need a solution to satisfy a busy shop? Ultra-X QuickCAST Server provides that advantage, providing a PXE network boot & automatically deploys UAV Rescue.

Scalable Licensing. Site License.

Ultra-X Licensing is simple. Simply choose the max number of concurrent scans you require. Each license provides unlimited number of scans on an unlimited number of PC for the duration of the service term.
Ask about our affordable site license!

Single License

UAV Rescue

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Per Month, 1 Year Prepaid

  • Single Technician License
  • Unlimited Scanning*
  • Product Support*
  • Firmware Updates*
  • Warranty*
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“The latest QuickTech Windows is great! As an independent consultant/engineer, detailed testing, accuracy, functionality and portability are highly important to me. QTW and the other UXD products in my field kit have provided exceptional function and accurate testing!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which should I buy? CloudOne or UAV Bootable?
    CloudOne is ideal for every technician as it provides additional tools that can be used both online/offline and remotely over the web. However, if you're solely looking to add a bootable malware removal tool for your existing toolkit, UAV Rescure may be the best choice for you.
  • Does UAV Rescue provide virus definitions? If so, how?
    UAV Rescue provides virus definitions hourly and can be downloaded anytime you prefer. Boot directly tot he USB and update the definitions daily prior to starting your day or, download on-demand when the time is needed, it's completely up to you.
  • I have a Franchise with several shops; Is there a bulk-buy discount?
    We have special price structure that our sales team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.
  • Is there a minimum contract term?
    UAV Rescue provides a minimum 1-year license. During the license service term, all product updates, definitions, product support and replacement warranty are included.
  • Where can I purchase UAV Rescue?
    Ultra-X UAV Rescue may be purchased directly from the UX online store and shipped globally.
  • How many instances of UAV Rescue can I run concurrently?
    The UAV Rescue license subscription provides an “All-you-can-eat” license during the service term which means you can make and use as many USB’s as you need concurrently.
  • Must I boot from the USB? WHy can I not scan within customer OS?

    UAV Rescue provides a dual mode offline OS to scan and accurately remove traces of malware. The bootable malware scan works outside of the customer OS, ensuring detected malware is completely eliminated while the virus is dormant, minimizing chances of spreading.