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hard drive testing
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The Definitive standard for PC computer memory testing!
Ultimate Memory Test Kit includes the RAM Stress Test Pro2 (RST PRO2) and PCI Gen. These are the two professional memory test products that Ultra-X makes. This kit is designed for memory manufacturers, system designers, server manufacturers, gaming computer manufacturers, and other high end memory users. The perfect kit for testing and validating all types of RAM.
  • RST PRO 2
    Memory is one of the most notoriously difficult core system functions to troubleshoot, exercise, and validate. PC’s are not only being equipped with increasingly large amounts of RAM but their often complex system hardware and software configurations can make it even more difficult to determine if a problem is truly a RAM failure. Such problems vary with different combinations of chipsets, processors or motherboards. R.S.T. Pro2 capabilities far exceed those of stand-alone testers in meeting all of these challenges.
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  • PCI Gen
    PCI Gen is a companion card to our RST PRO2 card. With both cards installed in a target PC, the PCI Gen allows for a comprehensive system memory Bus testing. While the RST Pro2 tests for memory failures and incompatibilities, PCI Gen runs specific Bus loading and RAM testing. The PCI Gen generates memory transfers without CPU intervention using direct PCI to memory controller access. Under normal operation, data moves in a pattern from PCI Bus to CPU to RAM and back to the PCI Bus. Without the use of PCI Gen it is very difficult to detect problems that may occur when the PCI Bus is communicating directly with RAM under heavy Bus load.
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