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service technician diagnostic kit


Now supports Intel & AMD Legacy BIOS &
64-bit UEFI based platforms.
CloudOne Compatible

CloudOne PLUS Diagnostic Toolkit

Complete cross-platform diagnostics for PC, Apple Mac & Android devices.
Say "HELLO" to confidence!

QuickTech Self Boot for PC

Exclusive to Ultra-X, QuickTech Self Boot for PC provides unmatched hardware diagnostic testing for any PC with Legacy or UEFI BIOS.
Network Deployment

QuickCAST Server Appliance

Maximize Technician efficiency with Network Deployment tools to troubleshoot hardware, scan and remove malware, securely erase hard drives, clone drives, perform Windows installations and more!

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Our Products & Solutions

Did you know Ultra-X is the ONLY diagnostic provider to offer native UEFI diagnostics for PC and Apple Mac computers?
Service Technicians
System Builders
Design & Development
Service Technicians
diagnostic kits

CloudOne Diagnostic Kit

Complete cross-platform diagnostic & malware removal solution for testing PC's, Apple Mac's, and even Android Smartphone & Tablet devices!
windows diagnostic

QuickTech Windows

The "must-have" Windows based toolkit for PC Service Technicians
uav malware scanner

UAV Rescue

Professional-grade OS Independent Malware Removal tool specifically designed for service technicians.
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service technician tools
pc refurbishment
quickcast server

QuickCAST Server

All-in-One out-of-box hardware solution that includes network deployment of Diagnostics, Malware Scanning, Disk Cloning, Secure HDD Erase, Windows Installation and more for PC and Apple Macs!
quickcast mobile

QuickCAST Mobile (Micro Appliance)

Portable PXE diagnostic server the size of a smartphone designed to deploy diagnostic and hdd erase modules.
pc burn-in

OS-Independent Burn-In

Operating system independent burn-in solutions for legacy and UEFI BIOS platforms.
burn-in solutions

Windows & Windows PE Burn-In

Automated Windows based burn-in solutions
burn-in test

Linux Burn-In

Automated Linux based burn-in solutions
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oem support diagnostics

Ultra-X SupportCare (for Android)

SupportCare encourages the end user to identify potential hardware issues on their own, prior to contacting support minimizing NTF RMA returns.

UltraPOST (for PC's & Servers)

UltraPOST is a microcode application designed to reside on the system BIOS, HDD or as a remote cloud call and execute when the system fails to boot.
windows stress test

QuickTech Windows (Custom)

QuickTech Windows can be custom branded and tailored to fit your test requirement needs. Select which tests to include as a default automated script that can be called remotely from support agents.
windows test solutions

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oem solutions
products for engineers
self-boot technology

R.S.T. Premium

RAM Stress Test Premium hardware family is specifically designed for memory validation. Unmatched accuracy since 1999, R.S.T. is the industry standard tool for validating x86 based platforms.


Professional Hardware Diagnostics PCI v2 hardware is designed for Pentium D and older systems with a PCI slot. Provides exclusive functionality including booting seemingly dead motherboard with no RAM, CMOS, video, keyboard and more.
motherboard post error codes

QuickPOST P.O.S.T. Monitoring

QuickPOST family is designed for systems that provide POST error code output via ISA, PCI, LPT or LPC ports.
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Why Choose UX

With over 25 years of experience and a local sales & support presence in USA, EU and Asia Pacific, we're the perfect match for your diagnostic needs big or small.
Ultra-X test accuracy

Test Accuracy

Ultra-X has been developing cutting edge diagnostic technology for over 25 years, longer than any other diagnostic provider.
USA product support

Heroic Product Support

Not only is Ultra-X known for its unrivaled test accuracy, but we also have a long-standing reputation for our 100% US-based product support via live phone, chat and email.
Innovative pc diagnostics solutions

Innovative & Exclusive Solutions

Ultra-X offers award winning, exclusive innovative hardware AND software diagnostic solutions while other diagnostic providers merely provide software on a stick.
custom tailored test solutions


Ultra-X offers out-of-box and custom engineered and branded, fully tailored solutions that cater to the distinct needs of your business specific requirements.


Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Ultra-X diagnostics.
"Between swapping components & taking time to figure out POST error codes, even a few hours might not be enough time to solve your troubleshooting issues. Simply put, sometimes PC troubleshooting is a task best left to the professionals...or at least professional equipment. P.H.D. PCI2 diagnostic card is a great tool to have in your utility belt!"
"Testing and repairing computers is a difficult task that is often made more difficult by unwieldy diagnostic tools. Manually running diagnostics and burn-ins is a burden on personnel resources. Ultra-X's QuickCAST D.D.R. Mobile Diagnostic Deployment Appliance provides an automated diagnostic tool that is simple to deploy and requires almost zero maintenance, all in a form factor about the size of a smartphone."
And if you think the RAM "test" your motherboard performs when you boot the machine is enough to catch all the errors, think again. The R.S.T. Pro2 slips into a PCI slot and works the RAM over like Rosie O'Donnell at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's superior to a stand-alone RAM tester because the RST Pro2 tests the RAM in it's natural habitat- the motherboard. You can also use the R.S.T. Pro2 to test the integrity of the BIOS's memory timings.
"Even better than Memtest 86 is Ultra-X's RAM Stress Test Pro2, which is a self-booting diagnostic plug-in card. This card uses a comprehensive set of test patterns to assess your memory, and we've found that it finds bad pieces of RAM that other testers miss."
"Many service technicians end up having to hunt for the culprit practically "by hand," when in fact hardware defects can be detected and/or pinpointed faster with the help of Ultra-X diagnostic cards. That not only spares the technician a whole lot of headache, but it also eases the burden on the customer's wallet as well. Needless to say, using such a device to diagnose laptop hardware glitches would save both time and money. "
"Proven experience, leadership and ability to deliver rapid deployment of its diagnostic programs have ensured a tactical and strategic victory for Bluecoat Systems. Ultra-X demonstrates that it is committed to the mission of building relationships that will last for the long term by delivering the highest level of client service, without exception
"All our validation tests use the RST card "Stress Test" to heavily exercise the memory"
"The Ultra-X PHD PCI's reliability, accuracy and ease of use persuaded us to include it as a major component of our validation test procedure"

"Ultra-X ensures that Fry's PC Service & Repair centers nationwide deliver consistent accuracy vital to maintain the credible Frys brand reputation."